Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Decks, Hot Tubs and Electricians - Whatever

This summer we put a deck on the back of our house. Well, to be technical, we hired someone to build a deck on the back of the house. Oh, and we added a hot tub as well. It looks great. Here are some pics:

This is the deck with the new deck furniture and below is the hot tub which sits off to the left of the deck.
The hot tub has changing lights!!!!

We went back and forth between building it ourselves and hiring someone to do it. Then, our neighbor, who has a construction company, came in with an offer we couldn't refuse. He did a great job. The first thing he did was to offer us two kinds of composite material to use on the deck. Every other contractor told us to go to a store and look at the material and pick out what we like. Do you have any idea how many different kinds of composite material there is out there? And when you see them all lined up together...they all look exactly alike! I'm like a 2 year old: just give me two choices. He did lots of other great things like helping with the lay out and using wood railings but putting the composite material on top to avoid splinters.
We like our deck. And we love our hot tub.
The best part of the entire process was the electrician though. He came on a day when Brian wasn't home. He went out back and then came into to the house and said, "You have a wire. Whatever."

I'm not kidding. Now, I've been trying to avoid hiding behind my husband when contractors are around. Usually, when one wants to speak with me I grab my keys and say, "I'm on my way out, you'll need to talk with Brian about that." And then I drive around the block and hide.

I'm trying to kick that habit so I probed further. He said, "There's a wire, it's exposed. Whatever. It needs to be looked at. I could do it. Whatever."

We checked out the wire and then I really did have to pull the Brian card because I didn't know if Brian had planned on doing something about it or not. So then the electrician says, "Where would you like your receptacle?"

My what?
Talk about having no clue. He takes me out onto the deck and shows me the post where he wants to put the outlet so we'll have electricity for the deck. He was talking about a freakin' outlet. How was I supposed to know that?


  1. haha. i am carpentry dad came the other day to help us mount the flat screen...i just did what he said...

  2. I have lots of wires. And not just whatever... but wherever.

  3. See, I would have called the contractor neighbor and told the electrician to talk to him. There is just stuff I don't do. Electricity is one of them. Plumbing in another. To give myself time, I will ask for an in-depth explanation and take notes and say ah ha alot. Doesn't get me anywhere. Just enough to know who to call to get me out of the way. Can't wait to be invited to enjoy the deck and hot tub.

  4. Great idea, simple execution, very well done!

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