Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Theme Thursday: Pink

I'm tickled pink to be returning to Theme Thursday after a bit of a hiatus. And, per my m.o., I'm going to bring you some pleasantly precious pfacts about Pink.

So, a quick aside: yeah, I do a lot of trivia on my TT posts but it's because I adore Trivia! Actually, I think it runs in the family. Growing up, we never got cable; my mother was NOT going to PAY for television! But we did watch Jeopardy! Rather regularly. I learned how to do the crossword puzzle from my mom and my entire family is font of useless bits of knowledge. I wonder if it's because my mother was a reference librarian so we always had to "look things up." Of course, we do like to share what we know.

Yepper, dinner at our house...always a blast. Oh, and don't play any of us in Trivia Pursuit. My mother, I swear, would win the game on the first roll of the die.

But I digress and I know you're all patiently waiting for these pfascinating pfacts!

The word Pink was first used as a noun to describe a color in the late 17th Century. It described a yellowish pigment which was mixed with blue colors to yield a greenish color.

Assigning Pink to gender began in the 1920's. Pink, though, was associated with boys because Pink is related to red, thought of to be a masculine color. Blue was associated with girls because it was deemed a more delicate color and related to the Virgin Mary.

In Japan, the color Cherry Blossom Pink is associated with the vagina so soft core porn movies there are called Pink Movies.

Most flamingo species are pink in color due to the pink pigments in their diet.

Seeing pink elephants is a euphemism for hallucinations caused by the DTs. This concept was used in Disney's Dumbo when he becomes drunk and see a parade of Pink Elephants.

In Thailand, Pink is associated with Tuesdays on the Thai Solar Calendar. Anyone may wear pink on Tuesdays.

Pink triangles were re-claimed by the LGBT community as a positive symbol. Originally, it was the color of the patch that gays wore in concentration camps during World War II.

Alecia Beth Moore, better known as Pink, was born in Doylestown, PA, just up the road from where I live. I don't know her though.

In Romeo and Juliet, Mercutio says: I am the very pink of courtesy. Meaning, he is the perfect embodiment of courtesy. Oh, and yeah, Shakespeare was the first to use pink as a metaphor.

Must end with a video. This one is especially for my sister, who is not only another treasure trove of trivia but who also reads my blog, is a Bruce Springsteen fanatic, and blogs at

Monday, May 3, 2010

A Week of Sunday

I spent the last week in rehearsals for Sunday in the Park with George. I always think I'm going to find time to blog during rehearsals but then I find myself fascinated by the entire rehearsal process. More so on this show, I think because I don't entirely get the show. I don't think I understand what Sondheim was trying to say with this musical. So I spend my time engrossed by the entire process.

This past week was especially fun because we only worked with the 2 leads who play Georges Seraut in the first act and George the artist in the second, and the one who plays Dot in the first act and Marie in the second. See? Already you're confused so you can imagine my state of mind! I really enjoyed getting to know these 2 actors before everyone else shows up on Tuesday. They are very nice and easy-going, yay! Plus, I only had to track the blocking for 2 people instead of 15; so much easier! Next week, I'll be tearing my hair out trying to figure who enters in what wing only to have the director change it as soon as I've written it down.

Oh well. Goes with the territory. Can't make art without a few edits.

And, I've discovered that my singing lessons have come in handy on this musical! I can read music but it used to take me a while to decipher the rhythm and notes. But now, that I've been working with music on a daily basis, I find it's much easier to follow along in the score. I bet that comes in handy during tech week when I have to call cues off of the music.

I sure hope it makes my life easier because there is a lot going on in the show. We have dogs tracking on and off the stage as well as panels, benches, a vanity, a scaffolding unit. Add to that the 15 cast members plus 11-piece orchestra along with video, sound cues, and all the rest of a normal production. It's going to be big!

I'm kinda scared but also a little excited for the challenge.