Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bored to Tears

My daughter was bored to tears today.

Seriously, she was literally bored to tears.

And, I'm not talking about a few drops down the cheek.  I'm talking about full-on, one hour, uncontrollable sobbing.  You could call it a temper tantrum but she's 11, almost 12, going on 23.

And, what caused this you might ask?

Math homework.

Being the proactive parent I immediately began to problem solve:

"Do you need a math tutor?"
"Shot of whiskey?"

Hey, it's disconcerting to have a normally well-behaved (if albeit 11, almost 12, going on 23) young girl crying for an hour.

Turns out, as she explained when she calmed down, that her math homework is so incredibly boring she can't stand it.

She's bored as hell and she's not going to take it anymore!

But honestly, that's the answer.  She is a good student.  She understands what the homework is all about and she does it perfectly.  Her problem is that she's been doing the same thing everyday, over and over again and it's boring and it's frustrating and she just had to let it out.  I'm not against letting it all out.  I do have to point out, however, that it's only the 5th day of school.

Lord, help us all.  Or at least me.  Or at least provide more wine.  Wine should work.


  1. smiles. gonna be a long school year at this of luck mom...

  2. Can your daughter be tested to see if she's a good fit for a gifted class or whether she should be doing the next level's math?

    As for almost 12, puberty sets in and the hormones and crying can be disconcerting, though if you think those are bad, just be happy you haven't hit menopause...

  3. Wine used to work for me. It's not been doing the trick the past couple of days... because I've been trying to do some "homework" myself.


  4. Hang on for the bumpy ride ahead! These tumultuous emotions threw me in similar circumstances. "Leave it to me" said husband."I'm a high school teacher. I've dealt with this nearly all my life". A bit further down the track he confided "Forget what I said, I'm as confused as the next man, and they tell me it's just the beginning." You'll find boredom has a lot to answer for, but then, so will everything else on the planet.

  5. That's kind of hilarious. When you're not her age. But I remember!

  6. Thanks e, yeah we're going to talk with the teacher about extra math homework. And, yeah, I know it's going to be a long year (or years as she is just hitting puberty) I may end up crying with her!

  7. Poor darling. Tell her I send lots of love and she should go live with our #3 sister who will be happy to give her a lot of more challenging homework.