Friday, September 24, 2010

Ligers, Cheetahs, and Servals Oh My!

My son, Jorge, provides me with an overabundance of pride, joy, frustration and worry, just like every child.  He came home about 8 years ago it was only 6 months after his homecoming that I couldn't imagine my life without him.  Just like every child.  Someday, I'll write about the entire adoption process but it's Friday and time for fluff or should I say fur?  See, Jorge's latest obsession (and I mean obsession) is with:

Big Cats!

It started with an interest in Cheetahs because they run so fast and Jorge loves to run.  It expanded to cover all the big cats in the category.  Every library book he brings home has to do with big cats.  He actually keeps a notebook with facts about big cats.  When he gets computer time, he spends it watching YouTube videos of big cats.  He has, in fact, introduced me to species I have never heard of:  Servals?  Caracals?  Ligers anyone? 

Oh yes, there is such an animal as a Liger and it is a cross between a Lion and a Tiger.  What?  You don't believe me?  Here's a clip:

And, if you want more, here is my new favorite video of a Caracal making a HUGE leap into the air to catch a Guinea Fowl.

Isn't it great what our kids can teach us?  Happy Weekend Everyone!


  1. haha. i am a little scared of ligers...but i do like tots! smiles.

  2. It is wonderful that you encourage Jorge's interests...

    From the spelling of his name, was he adopted abroad? and do you pronounce his name as it is said in Spanish?

    He sounds like a lovely kid. Thanks for your compliment on my post today.

  3. Brian, I'd be scared of Ligers myself, they are HUGE!

    E, he's from Guatamala and Jorge was the name his birthday mother gave him. It's Spanish for George and is pronounced: Hor-Hay (I don't know how to do the phonetic alphabet!).

  4. Jorge is one smart kid- but then his family is very encouraging. We all love him and are glad he is part of our family. Thank you Kate (And Brian and Clara) for bringing him into our lives. And I love the big cat videos!