Monday, February 23, 2009

Oh What A Night!

Every time I pop onto Blogger to post something, I end up getting sidetracked reading other people's blogs and the blogs that they follow. Oh well, it's great reading, these little glimpses into other people's lives. It's quite fascinating.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the Oscars last night. I thought Hugh Jackman did a great job. His opening number with the "hand-made" props was fabulous. They really let him do what he does best, namely act and sing. His tribute to the musical was great fun and I liked the Judd Apatow film with Seth Rogen and James Franco. Tina Fey and Steve Martin were the best presenters by far. It's too bad they came so early in the show because no one else lived up to them.

It's weird to see actors with absolutely no chemistry presenting awards together. I'm thinking of Daniel Craig and Sarah Jessica Parker who presented 3 awards, was it? It wasn't just weird, it was painful since they didn't seem to realize they were on the same stage together. I wonder who thought that would be a good pairing.

I've been reading the comments made on several post-show articles in the New York Times. It cracks me up when people go on and on about how much they hate the show or how boring it was. I wonder what made them keep watching. If the show was that awful why didn't they turn it off? Then, on top of not liking the Oscar show, they read an article about it and have to post a comment. If you hated it why read about it? Are you exploring new forms of torture? Am I supposed to give them an award for being such a martyr? Reading the Monday morning quarterbacking is almost as much fun as watching the Oscars themselves but without the fondue and cocktails.

So I liked the show for the most part. But then if it gets boring I tend to amuse myself by calling a neighbor or chatting with Brian. Plus I called the Penelope Cruz win so I'm happy. But now I'm in a quandary: for the past month I've been frantically watching the nominated movies, what do I do now?

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  1. thanks for stopping by today - nice to 'meet' you. I must admit I'm not really into awards ceremonies, but I concur with the yoga and running combo.

    Take care and 'see' ya around!