Friday, February 20, 2009

And the Oscar Goes To...

I think it's time to post a few of my picks for the Academy Awards this Sunday. I'll be watching with Brian and we're planning on having fondue. I found a new recipe in Bon Appetit that I want to try. Of course we'll have cocktails!

Back in upstate New York, I used to throw Oscar parties for all my girlfriends. It worked out well because none of the husbands wanted to watch the show so they all came over and Brian played bartender. I'd decorate the entire house with a red carpet and objects depicting the Best Picture nominees (a wine bottle for Sideways, a record for Ray, etc.). My friends all brought a dish inspired by the nominations. The year of Lost in Translation we had a lot of Japanese food. Nothing wrong with that. So we ate, drank, chatted and occasionally watched the show. I always insisted on silence during the monologue though. And this year, with Hugh Jackman hosting, there might not even be a monologue! So I'm curious to see what will happen since they are promising some surprises. But "they talk a lot, don't they..."

Okay, so here are some picks (and should wins):
Picture/Director: Slumdog Millionaire: Should win and will win, great film. And I think Danny Boyle will take home director. I can't see a split this year.

Actress: Kate Winslet will win. It's her year and it is a holocaust film (check out the first episode of Extras where she parodies her quest for an Oscar by doing a holocaust film), although I didn't really enjoy The Reader. I wish Melissa Leo would win because Frozen River was such a great film.

Actor: So difficult. I could give to one of three men: Sean Penn, Mickey Rourke and Frank Langella. I think Mr. Rourke might take it because of his backstory but Mr. Penn does have a chance. So if I had to choose, I think I'm going to with Sean Penn, just because he did a better job and the Academy has been known to award talent.

Supporting Actor: Heath Ledger. The guy was good. Scary good and crass as it might sound, it's now or never.

Supporting Actress: I have no idea but let's go with Penelope Cruz. She did a good job in Vicky Christina Barcelona (she's a great actress in Spanish films). And, I think people like her.

Animated Feature: Wall-E but honestly, I liked Kung Fu Panda better.

Foreign Film: Waltz with Bashir. I didn't see any foreign films this year but this one has gotten the most press. There might be an upset with The Class but it being a French film, it's a longshot.

Original Screenplay: Milk. I haven't heard any buzz on this category but I think people will go for Milk although it'd be great if Frozen River got it. Courtney Hunt, the writer/director of Frozen River cobbled together money to make this film and now it has two nominations. So exciting. Maybe they could make a movie about Ms. Hunt making this movie.

Adapted Screenplay: Another category I haven't heard much about but I doubt they will give it to Slumdog Millionaire so I'm going to go with Frost/Nixon and don't ask me why. It might be because I didn't like the other nominated films as much.

As for the other categories I don't think I could even begin to make a guess. We'll have to see what happens on Sunday night. I'm without a computer as my laptop sort of fell apart. I'll do a re-hashing on Monday though, don't worry!

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  1. Hi Kate-Discovered your blog and love it. Very readable and relatable!I enjoyed reading your oscar pics-would not be the total oscar experience w/o them-and remembering the old oscar parties. And remember the time I called you from LA at your party,standing outside the theater? Keep up the fun, miss you! P.S. I also suffer from phone phobia, but I'm working on it.