Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Upside of Boring

Brian went away this past weekend to run a half-marathon in Baltimore with a college friend.  Since I'm in theater, it's rare that I have an entire weekend alone with my kids.  I always try to make it a special weekend.  Try being the operative word here.

On Friday night, they had some friends sleep over.  I took them out to our favorite diner where everyone got milkshakes and then we went home for a movie.  On Saturday night, my son was invited to sleep over at another friend's house so it was just my daughter and me; an even rarer event.

I thought it would be a perfect night to watch a chick flick which is Clara's favorite type of movie.  I searched IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes, I asked for ideas, I watched trailers.  Is Bridget Jones' Diary to risque?  Would The Proposal be funny enough?  I wasn't sure.

But after dropping my son off, Clara said she didn't feel like a movie.  She just wanted a shower and to watch TV.  Really?  I pleaded.  It's mommy and daughter time.  It'll be special.  She tried to rally and when I saw that she was only going to agree to be nice, I relented.  If she wanted to be boring, so be it.

I went upstairs to watch TV and when Clara got out of the shower she came up to say good night.  How I Met Your Mother was one; my favorite show.  I talk about it all the time because it's legend....wait for it....dairy.  Clara has always wanted to see it so she stayed to watch the end.  Then we found 2 more episodes on demand.  After, we flipped channels, talked, and Clara played on the computer some.  By this time, it was late, and since I have a king sized bed, and since it was just Clara, I told her she might as well sleep with me.

I didn't know boring could be so special.


  1. it was special because you were together...and that makes it legend- dairy. haha

  2. Yup, boring can be heaven... and you found it with her. Special entry, to me. My daughter and I found special one day singing the THEN Dr. Pepper theme and walking in unison down the center of the mall.

    Daughters. They're the best. Except when sons are.

    Take care

  3. If that's boring, I could use more "boring" in my life.

  4. This was boring? Sounds pretty special to me and it will be something she'll remember long after you are gone.

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