Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bring Out Your Inner Nerd

I have been busy this past week with a part-time job.  How crazy is that?  I took the managing director of the last theater I worked with, New Paradise Laboratories, out for coffee to talk about her past life.  This is one of my favorite things to do:  figure out how people got to be where they are.  In the midst of the conversation, she mentioned that she needed someone in the office to help organize it, file, work on budget stuff, etc.  And, I mentioned I was free.

I've spent the last week and a half organizing files, throwing stuff out, putting like items together, and as boring as it may seem to you, I LOVE IT.  Organizing shit just brings out my inner nerd.  It's part of what makes me a good stage manager.  People have told me I should go into Personal Organizing as a career but it's only one part of what I love about theater.  Also, I have to admit, I don't think I could sell organizing to someone because I find it really easy.  I'd be telling them:  Oh, you don't need me, all you have to do is... And I'd be out of a job in no time.

The job is just perfect for now:  it's part-time, I'm getting some beer money, I'm learning a bit about budgeting and grants, I'm getting out of the house.  Oh, and I discovered that if I don't vacuum the house every day, it's still there when I get back.  Plus, the managing director knows that I have other gigs coming up so the hours are very flexible.

But this will make you laugh:  I get home one day and my daughter needs a new binder for school.  I bring out several of my binders plus my hole reinforcements, tabs, and dividers.  I have a plethora of dividers in all shapes and colors.  She goes crazy re-organizing her binder.  Then, my son gets into the act, appropriating a binder, dividing it up into sections for God only knows what and using tabs wherever possible.  It was an office supply orgy I tell you.

These apples did not fall far.


  1. "Her past life?" You mean, like, Shirley MacLaine stuff???

  2. Good job you! It sounds like the kids enjoy their "inner nerds" as well.

  3. lol...my wife would fit right in...i am much more into controlled chaos theory...i know where it is when i need it...smiles.

  4. I wonder whether I would make a good stage manager because I am addicted to organising things. Unfortunately my life is full of projects that I will start just as soon as I have organised and tidied my desk and files. As a Stage Manager I suspect I would spend so much time sweeping the stage that the play never got produced.

  5. Favorite line:
    "Oh, and I discovered that if I don't vacuum the house every day, it's still there when I get back."

    Same goes for dusting and laundry. (Dust buffaloes, anyone?)

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