Friday, April 8, 2011

Poetry Moment

While, I'm still a bit depressed over the closing of Superior Donuts, I thought I'd turn to more positive matters.  My daughter, who loves to write, got Runner-up in a county-wide poetry contest for her age group.  She entered on a whim and she'll get $25: getting paid for writing, not bad.   So, in honor of her great achievement, I am sharing 2 of the poems with you. The 3rd poem, which I posted on my blog a while ago, was about Halloween.  I'm not saying it's not good, I just really like these two poems:


When lead touches paper
One hand gains passage
To an impossible form of the impossible.
The village the hand must cross
Consists of long empty roads
Slowly filling with people.
But when the lead breaks
The strong connection is lost
Until the thoughts reinvent themselves
And the journey resumes.

I Was a Giant

I was a giant, once.
I moved the people in their houses.
I arranged cities.
I created scenes and played them out.
But I wish I had enjoyed it
And cherished it
Because I wasn't going to stay


  1. heck yeah! me likes them...we do a kids/youth wall each month over on my poetry site...if she ever wanted to she could submit it to have it read there...way to go on the award and the $25

  2. Perfectly balanced so that I can follow where her words take me, and I am pleased to have her as my guide. Which is what good poetry should be like.

  3. Very nice, both of them. I like the second one better, maybe because I remember what it's like to be young, and know what it's like to be... err.. not so young.

  4. both are so lovely!!

    that second one knocks my socks off - she nailed it with such an economy of beautiful words - pure poetry.

    congrats to your daughter!

    and onward and upward kate!

  5. Loved them both, of course. Encourage her to keep writing. She's showing her Irish side with her way with words.

  6. hmmm the first three commentors I know
    Here at your little
    Anyway I like the second the best too
    As it is so very true
    Waste all the time getting what you want
    And don't even have the time left to gloat or taunt
    As you are to old to enjoy what you tried for
    So may as well enjoy what life has in store