Monday, April 18, 2011

Much Ado About Nothing

I've got nothing to say, which is odd for me.  I've been busy though, busier than I thought I would be after the show.  The weather turned nice so we have some yard work and gardening to do.  It's taking a while though because we've had guests and stuff on the weekends.  But I am glad to report that the 3 holly trees that I can't stand are finally down!  Now, we just have to clean up the debris.

I've also had to drive my kids around to their various activities.  All the events at my children's elementary school seem to have been scheduled for the next 2 months.  Plus, my daughter is "graduating" from 6th grade so she has twice as many functions.  I don't get the graduation part though.  When I went into middle school, all I did was change schools;  there was no graduation ceremony, no going out to dinner, and definitely no presents.  Sometimes I think we over-celebrate our kids' accomplishments.  What's going to happen to them when they get a job and they don't get a gift for completing an entire week of work?!

Then there are my regular activities:  running (I'm doing the 10 mile Broad Street run in a week) and singing (I changed teachers this year and really like my new one).   Oh, and let's not forget the daily chores:  food shopping, cleaning, cooking, laundry, beer drinking, watching bad television.  So you can see I've got a lot to do.  Unfortuneately, it's nothing to write home about.  Or, even a blog post about.

But don't worry, I'll be back.


  1. Well, for someone with "nothing" to say, you managed quite well. And I agree with the part about "over-celebrat[ing] our kids' accomplishments." My friends with school-age children often tell me of "achivements" that I find amazing in that they were things that were taken for granted when I was younger.

  2. yeah we did not graduate from middle school...or elementary school...i think we generate milestones....

  3. I made the offspring his favorite dinner tonight for finally finishing his essay on "Hard Times." :)

  4. Sometimes these "nothing to say" posts are the most revealing when we look back on them over the years. It is those background activities - the shopping the driving the kids. the gardening - that make up so much of life.

  5. yeah, all this graduation sh** is t has been talking non-stop for the last few weeks about how she's 'graduating' (from kindergarten!!!) on june 2nd. i do hope she's not expecting a gift or a card.... but what kind of 'defective grandma'* would i be if i didn't at least attend the ceremony!

    when i was a kid you graduated from h.s. and college - that was it!

    jeepers creepers....

    * backstory: i have often used the concept "fictive grandma" around ms t....and a few weeks back she introduced me as her "defective grandma" - well, as they say if the shoe fits....ha ha....