Friday, April 29, 2011

Back to the Movies

First, I must send my apologies to the 10th Daughter of Memory folks.  I finally entered a post and was supposed to vote on the other posts for the one I liked best.  Well, I read all the other entries and then thought about them.  Apparently, I thought about them too long because when I went to vote, voting was closed.  So Mea Culpa.

I recently watched the A-Team movie.  I loved that show as a kid and so found the movie totally amusing.  My husband, who didn't really watch the TV show, didn't care for the film all that much.  I wonder if that had something to do with it.  I loved the Charlie's Angels movies and I watched the show as a kid.  I liked The Incredible Hulk film.  But that might have been because Edward Norton was in it.

Let's not forget the Star Trek films.  Love them!

You know what they haven't made yet?  A Bionic Woman movie.  Oh, I just loved, loved that show.  I especially liked it when they did Bionic Woman/Six Million Dollar Man shows together.  That would be a fun movie.

As I watched CSI last night, I began to wonder what current TV shows might get made into movies in the future.  CSI would be a good choice but only with the Grissom character.  They could do an American Idol movie except turn it into fiction.  You know, some kid from the sticks, against all odds wins the competition.

I like the show  Burn Notice.  That could be a fun, shoot 'em up movie.  But the thing is, the TV show had to have some sort of hook or joke that could be carried into the film.  Charlie's Angels had beautiful women with guns, now that's fun.  In the A-Team, each of the guys has his own personality quirk.

I don't think a show like Glee could be a movie.  Too bland.

Well, since I don't own a DeLorean, I can't answer the question about what current shows will eventually get made into films.  I guess I'll just have to wait.


  1. I won't venture a guess, as I don't watch TV any more. But I'd really rather that they come up with a few more original ideas for films. What do we get, mostly? Sequels. Book adaptations. Adapting old cartoons for live action. Remakes, especially updated remakes. "Hey, great idea! We remake The Wizard of Oz, but -- get this! -- Dorothy has a cell phone!" Good grief, as Charlie Brown would have said.

    Which reminds me... How about a live action version of Peanuts??? Only instead of Lucy charging five cents for psychiatric advice, she makes the other kids deposit five dollars in her PayPal account?

  2. no way on the american idol movie..haha....loved the A team as a kid...maybe they will make The Unit into a movie...i miss that was a better hulk than bana...

  3. Sorry I don't think we share the same taste in movies although I've just spent 3 weeks with someone humming the first three bars of the A Team theme - incessantly. And bad girl for not voting! Fingers of Adios to you.

  4. As a general principle I tend to think that they shouldn't make movies into TV shows nor TV shows into movies. But that somewhat glib opinion is based upon my well-documented lack of exposure to movies.

  5. I loved the A Team as a kid too, but apart from the helicopter the biggest draw for me was the cast. They were awesome. I definitely don't think I could give a remake the fair chance it deserved.