Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Simple Life

Prep week starts this week for Romeo and Juliet so I'll be posting less than usual, which is hard to believe seeing as how I've barely posted lately. It's really just that I've been extremely busy doing...nothing.

Yeah, that's right, I'm the queen of inactivity, the first one to say, "Let's just grab a beer and sit." It's rubbed off on my children as well (I wonder if they've discovered a gene for inactivity?). I may have written about this before but one my favorite sayings by my daughter is, "Mom, you should give me an allowance for doing nothing because it's the hardest thing to do. You can't stop to rest."

Amen, sister.

I have been trying to stay busy and start doing things. For years, I wanted to be one of those mothers who always complained about having too much to do because it sounded like these moms led such exciting lives. Finally, I gave up and turned on the TV to watch Mildred Pierce about a mom who worked herself to the bone for her daughter only to have her daughter turn on her. Instant justification for my lifestyle.

Anyway, I have been filling my time with activities but nothing exciting enough to post about. Case in point, I've taken up knitting. You're excused for yawning. I'm hoping it proves to be a viable activity for me during rehearsals and the show. I can't exactly read during my down time and sometimes, as bad as it is, I'll go smoke a cigarette. It's a boredom factor and it gets me out of the building.

You might say, "How can you smoke and be a runner?" Well, let me tell you it's not that difficult. I don't run very fast and I don't smoke all that much. I'm just hoping knitting replaces the ciggies.

Oh, and I have been running again. I took about a month off around the holidays because of the terrific snowstorm, the high winds, and the general hubbub around the holidays. Unfortunately, I didn't stop eating as much as I did when I was running 6-8 miles at a time. And, guess what? I gained weight! It's never happened to me before. I've always been one of those lucky people with the high metabolism. Make that, I WAS one of those lucky people....Damn the 40's. Everyone said it would happen to me when I turned 40 and I just didn't believe them.

That's about it (besides baking bread which I know I've written about) so you can see why I have nothing to post about. Here's hoping R & J has some interesting moments. In the meantime, how about a beer?


  1. T still carries her high metabolism from dancing all those years. makes me sick. i cant eat a doughnut without blowing up. knitting...hmm...pics?

  2. "How about a beer."

    ... and a cigarette? I loved this post. It just made me laugh. In your fifties, if you simply look at a beer, it goes directly to a thigh... Your own, not someone else's. Enjoy R & J.

  3. Hi Kate!
    You've got a new fan. As a sometime community theater performer, I have great respect for stage managers; and I,too, am a new knitter...finding it not so easy. I enjoyed your post and look forward to reading many more.

  4. You kill me. Not only can I NOT just have a cig, you can have a beer and I put on the weight. I guess that's what sisters are for. However, I am a master at going from 100 mph to zero in no time flat. It's a learned skill that takes years to perfect. I think to truly master the art, one must battle Boston traffic before entering the oasis of home. Only then can the complete, utter cessation of personal activity (with the libation of choice) be achieved.

  5. I used to run and smoke. Of course, I used to do alot of things I cannot or do not do any more. hahahahaha! As for "Mildred Pierce", I love that movie. The daughter is so perfectly evil isn't she? I never can remember her exact name...Vespa or something like that.