Monday, January 4, 2010

2010: The Year of When!

Happy new year to everyone!

I love to label years, it seems to encourage a good year. For example, in 1994, I had just broken up with a boyfriend of 3 years and changed jobs. On New Year's Eve, I was with a group of friends and decided the next year would be about me: Kate, 95! I turned it into a motto: Keep All The Excitement. In 1995, I met my future husband and got my dream job at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.

In 2008, well that was obvious: Kate 2008! Hey, it rhymed. That was the year I started at the Arden Theatre, Stage Managed Candide (one of the hardest and most rewarding shows I have worked on), and went on a fabulous 40th birthday vacation in San Francisco and Napa Valley. Oh, and I started to blog is 2008.

I know that giving a year a label doesn't actually make it a good year but it can't hurt. It's a good way to remember my goals for the year (I hate to call them resolutions). I've named this year: The Year of When, which rhymes but isn't exactly self-explanatory. The Year of When is when I'm going to get around to doing things that I keep saying I'm going to do. Did that sentence just make sense? Anyway, I've been saying for years that I want to learn how to sing and tonight I had my first singing lesson! I can't match pitch and always thought I was tone-deaf but I found out tonight that I'm not tone-deaf and there is a possibility that I can learn to match pitch. It's all very exciting.

For Christmas, instead of getting Rock Band for Wii, the kids got actual rock instruments: Clara got a drum set and Jorge got a 3/4 size electric guitar. We're all taking lessons together: Look out Partridge family!

I'm a bit nervous but determined to carry-on so that when I'm 80, I won't lament that I never learned to sing. I've been inspired in this by Julia Child -- I happen to be watching Julie and Julia as I write this. Not as good, I might add as My Life in France because I'd much rather just watch the Julia Child portion, but I digress -- she didn't learn how to cook until she was 37! So you see, it's never too late.

I have a few other things I'd like to accomplish this year, nothing serious: run more than 13 miles (I still have my sights on a marathon but I'm going to take it slow), learn how to knit (it'll give me something to do backstage), and read more. But if I can just learn how to sing, if I can just go out one night and sing at karaoke without making a fool of myself, I will be ecstatic! Then, I will feel like I can do anything!

Wish me luck!


  1. i hope your year of when goes well. let me know when the album comes out. smiles.

  2. Haha good luck indeed, although in my experience being 'able' to sing is no prerequisite for karaoke!

  3. My son has dubbed the new year Two Thousand and THEN. He is only four, so he has done this entirely by accident, but around here it has stuck. So I think we are just going to need to stay busy...and then, and then, and then.

    Good luck on the singing.

  4. It's a trend. Everyone I know is seeking a sense of fulfillment or accomplishment this year. I like the name - The Year of When.

  5. I love your idea of naming the year. I shall have to think of what I will call mine.

    I have always wanted to sing. I've tried knitting and it doesn't do a thing for me but maybe embriodery...

  6. Julia didn't publish til she was fifty! there's hope for us all.

  7. Hello! I was directed here by my good friend, Tracey. I really enjoyed reading a few posts and hearing about what you do. I reviewed Julie and Julia on my latest post, if you are interested. I am also off to yoga tonight. Ohmmmmmm.

  8. Kate: Good job with the singing lessons and with following through! Now, you've got me thinking...