Sunday, January 31, 2010

I Was that Mom: Just for One Day

When I first had my daughter, I envisioned that I would be "that mom." You know, the one who is totally cool with kids coming in and out of the house. I'd be the center around which my kids' and their friends' lives would swirl.

I'd always have the right games or food and would always welcome an extra guest at dinner or for whenever. My kids' friends would confide in me when they couldn't talk to anyone else.

Then reality set in.

I forgot, in my copious daydreams, to factor in that I'm incredibly intolerant. I work on it, I know and for the most part I keep my mouth shut. But, once at my son's birthday party, a friend of his got up from eating pizza walked over to my couch (dripping crumbs) and started jumping on it.

Who does that?

I will say that I didn't yell--probably because I was in shock--but I did say, "Dude, that's my couch." And that's not the first time something like that has happened. I tend to be stricter with my kids and therefore with my kids' friends. If my kids don't do it, then you can't either.

Anyway, on Friday, my daughter, Clara had two friends over. They want to create a web show and since Clara has the camera they have to film it here. No big deal as they are 11 and quite capable of taking care of themselves. Brian was on his way home from a business trip but wouldn't get in until late so I offered to make everyone French toast for dinner (with homemade bread, of course, that I can do).

Well, they totally wanted to stay and then I offered a few suggestions for their web show--this being right up my alley of course. I let them use my permanent markers (which I save for work) and got them sheets of paper to make a big sign. I even went on the show as a guest.

One of Clara's friends said to me, "You're a cool mom."

And believe me, I've not heard that before.

So for one day, just one day, I reached "cool" status.

Very nice.


  1. sweet. nice to be cool, huh? smiles.

  2. Brilliant Kate!
    I agree, if my kid doesn't do it neither does the friend. I find with boys though the incessant shooting really gets to me (even if it's nerf wars).

  3. oh crap, wait til you catch them smoking pot in the basement at 4AM while you're trying to sleep and it's filtering through the heater vents and you go down there in your nightie and there's three or four in their late teens early twenties and you just lose it! the coolness has left the bldg.

    and yes, have done it waaaaayyyyy more than just once or twice!

  4. Ah there are moments for cool and moments for 'because I'm the parent that's why'. I have no problem closing down parties at 3am but the tolerance gland is generally pretty much under control. There will be more 'cool' moments and jumping on couches with pizza in your hands is not tolerated of a 3 year old, why would be be tolerated of a teen? Smack the bugger from here to Tuesday!

  5. Welcome to the club. We're very exclusive. But we'll let you in on a temporary basis and see how you work out. Love, your older sister.