Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer is How Long?

I sewed today...actually sewed. The kids' stuffed animals all had boo-boos; 10 and 7 years old and my kids still love their stuffed animals (actually I hope they always do). I think I'm getting a bit bored.

When summer began, I kept thinking it would be over too soon and I needed to relish every moment of it. I luxuriated in the boredom of the lazy summer days; long afternoons at the pool, trips to the library, movies for the family. Now, I'm sewing. I think it's time for the next production.

This is why I'm so suited to theater--productions never last more than a couple of months, right when I'm getting bored with it. I start a show and I'm all excited and nervous and a bit stressed about juggling family and theater; finding sitters, planning dinners, taping the stage, getting to know the actors. Then I get to know the actors and their quirks and we're into tech where I spend days in a dark room getting to know the design team and hoping my family has learned how to forage for food. The show opens and I have a bit more time which I plan on using to straighten up the house (when in reality, I use the free time to catch up on movies). The show is still fun and I enjoy the repartee with the actors (whom I've pretty much ignored during tech week). Then it's the final week and I'm so looking forward to closing night. While the actors want to enjoy a post-show drink and discussion in the green room, I become like Nurse Ratchett getting them off to bed. "Take your medicine and go! I don't want to be here any longer than I have to!"

After the show closes, I stay home and bake and clean and cook and enjoy every minute of it. FOR A DAY. Okay, maybe a bit longer but I always end up getting antsy. Is this it? Didn't I just do laundry? What do you mean you're hungry, I thought we ate already? And right when I'm about to re-arrange the glasses in the kitchen-cabinet, a show starts and I settle down once again.

Some people have seasonal rituals; they welcome each season by airing out the beds or packing away the winter clothes. I guess I have dramatic rituals...in every possible sense of the word.


  1. i used to have a stuffed panda as a kid, a band aid covered his boo boo. : ) i feel the same at times...new projects tickle the imagination, then you get intot he maintenance and are already looking for the next. dramatic rituals, indeed.

  2. I dont have children, but I do understand the idea of getting bored with something after awhile. And stuffed animal?...hmm...the only one I clearly remember is my holly hobby doll. I LOVED her! :)

  3. It took me about 15 years to get over a seasonal sadness in September when I wasn't quitting my summer job and heading back to college. I used to love that ritual. I haven't quit a job in over 20 years...maybe it's time.

  4. Oh I am with you...the great ideas of doing the domestic with great enjoyment AND finesse...then reality sets in and the DAY is OVER...I need something else too!!!