Saturday, July 11, 2009

Culture Out the Ying Yang

Have you ever planned to take advantage of some free event but never got around to it? Every city I've lived in has hosted free summer concerts, and I've always planned to attend but never did. I think it has to do with it being summer and that when my laziness kicks into high gear; why go out when you can stay home and stare at the walls?

Well, on Thursday night, I finally took advantage of the free concerts here in Abington. The Abington Art Center (see picture below) hosts free concerts in it's sculpture garden. Brian and I met up with some friends and we all took our kids to check out the concert. I think I always avoided the concerts thinking that my kids would get bored but oh no! There were Frisbees, sculptures to climb on, water ice to eat. We spread out a blanket, opened some wine, sat back and enjoyed! And, the concert was good as well. The band, Mango Men, were great and really entertained the audience with their Jimmy Buffetesque sound, so much more fun that staring at the walls.

On Friday, our neighbors had extra tickets to see End Days, a relatively new play by Deborah Zoe Laufer at People's Light and Theatre Company, located in Malvern, PA. I wish I could do the play justice by describing it but I don't think I can. It's one of those plays that you talk about long after the curtain comes down. Here's a hackneyed description: Nelson Steinberg, a teen-ager, has just moved in next door to Rachel Stein and her parents. Nelson wears an Elvis Presley outfit all the time which has to do with his mother who is dead (actually his father is dead as well, he lived with his step parents who don't seem to care too much for him). Nelson follows Rachel, an angst-ridden goth chick, home from school and runs into her father, Arthur Stein. Arthur Stein has been suffering from depression since 9/11 and can't seem to get out of his PJs (too much trouble). Meanwhile, the mother, Sylvia, has found Jesus and has become an evangelical. Jesus (who makes several appearances) tells Sylvia that the Rapture is coming on Wednesday. It's hysterical. Not only does Jesus appear but so does the astro-physicist Stephen Hawking. Trust me when I say it's funny, poignant and oh, so very good.

So two days of great culture! It's time to go back to staring at the walls. Hope everyone has a great weekend.


  1. ha. the play sounds amazing. we are all the time hitting up free things here and in the surrounding towns. yesterday was free day at the science museum. second month in a row we hit. we all had a blast. need to check out the concerts though...could use some Buffet or at least some Buffetesque...

  2. I should do this more often, too. There are ALWAYS things going on around here that are free or nearly so.

    Although, I'm getting a free concert right now from the band that lives next door, so that's pretty cool!

  3. Brian, I wish we did it more often, I'm more like Megan wishing I took advantage of it and then when I do, I think, why haven't I done this before?

  4. Hi Kate,
    Just wanted to say I am now a follower!
    but what the heck. I love your theme Thursdays. For roof, I was thinking the roof of the world and though I would like to visit, I probably would never go there, too cold.

  5. Jane,

    Thanks for joining in. Theme Thursday rocks and I love that image of the roof of the world. YAY