Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Theme Thursday: Roof

The peanut butter sticks to the roof of your mouth. You work the tip of your tongue up the side, trying to pry it down. It makes you wonder: Who brings a peanut butter sandwich to work? As your tongue works it's way into the back corner of the glob, you add: And then eats it at 11 am?

Smiling, you think about elevenses. Yes, you think, I could so be a a hobbit.

Elevenses are awesome...and the film wasn't too bad. I never really got into fantasy but I did like that film. Oh, I did like Star Wars. Star Wars, well, that was iconic. I must have seen it... according to my mother at least twice. My mother always tells that story about the time I made her watch the movie with me. I had already seen it. Her joy came from watching me explain to her everything that was going to happen.

My mother, who made me peanut butter and jelly sandwiches every school day of my 12 year career. She said she was used to it, having made lunches for 6 older brothers and sisters. Still, I was senior with no other kids at home, you'd think she would have taken a break. But no, there she was making my lunch: PB and J on Roman Meal bread, 3 cookies and an apple.

In first grade, I would sometimes mix my lunch box up with Kris Krantz. He had the same Scooby Doo lunch box but his mother packed him a peanut butter sandwich on white bread and an apple. No cookies, no jam. I hated mixing up my lunch because he would always eat mine.

My brother liked white bread without jam as well. Ugh! While we were both in school together, we sometimes mixed up our brown paper bags. But he always found me to switch lunch. He DID not like peanut butter and jelly. We both had the 3 cookies so that was never a problem. He used to make me laugh the way he'd storm into my classroom to switch lunches.

I even ate PB and J in the summer...

You realize you've been day dreaming when a work colleague slams her note pad down on your desk, looking at you, expecting an answer.

With your tongue having almost worked the glob off the roof of your mouth, you mumble, "I hab pe nub bud er on da roof ob my mout."

Your co-worker snorts, stomping off saying, "Who eats peanut butter sandwiches anymore?"

You smile as the glob loosens itself off the roof of your mouth and you can finish your sandwich, because you know eats them. And you know why.


  1. Most unique variation on this theme that I've seen so far! Everyone else -- myself included -- talked about the roof of a building.

  2. oh this is rich. love the imagery. well played story that left me with a smile. happy tt!

  3. Great post! Never thought of the roof of our mouth! hahahaha And yeah, PB&J can be awesome when you are in the mood for it!

  4. Nice take on the theme! And nothing wron gwith PBJ, either...mmmmmm!

  5. Great post, very well done and funny!

  6. I loves me some PB only I like it with dill pickles instead of J. Sometime I get really wild and use sweet pickles instead. What a party in my mouth. And I'm way past elevenses.

  7. Thanks to all. I have to admit that I mentioned Theme Thursdays to a group of ladies that I had coffee with the other day (all very creative women). When I asked for Roof suggestions, one woman said immediately, "Peanut butter stuck to the roof of your mouth." Once she said that, the rest just came because I still eat PB and J at 11 am so that I can make it to lunch!

  8. OH Kate! Thanks for stopping by The Glen!
    How very clever the peanut butter stuck to the roof of your mouth! I LOVE P. B. & J to this day and your post has me wondering if I should throw one together RIGHT NOW as I am really wanting one NOW!!!

  9. love it roof of the mouth

    also love peanut butter...still eat it all....the.. time

    but no jelly

    plain or with fluff or bananas

  10. great the way you drifted off the subject and back again...peanut butter...yechh.

  11. this is a roof "take" I'd never have predicted -just great!

    (ate some tahini this week, similar sensation)

  12. (and thanks for your made4aid bid!)


  13. nothing better than a tall glass of cold milk and a pb and j---loved it then and now--great post-c