Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Running Update

I've had a hard time with my runs lately. It's been since the Broad Street run--did I mention that I did it? All 10 miles? Don't worry, I'm sure I'll mention it again.

Anyway, since Broad Street, I haven't seemed to be able to run very far or very well. I swear my body is rebelling: I ran 10 miles what do you want? Isn't that enough? Where's my beer?

Of course, I was doing my show and had a lot of late nights. Not that that's an excuse but boy do I love my sleep. Also, summer came (finally) and the heat and with the kids home, it's difficult to find a good time to run. I mean, my kids actually want me to spend time with them--what is up with that?

I've also, pretty much, given up my yoga practice. While training for the Broad Street Run (did I mention it was 10 miles and that I ran all of it?), I was also rehearsing so I did not have time for yoga and it kind of fell by the wayside. It probably would have helped. I did take a yoga class last week and then spent the rest of the day edging my lawn. I don't have an electric edger so I use that tool that looks like a flattened out hoe (you can tell how much I garden). It was a lot of work because I had to stand on it and then pull up the grass. After that, I couldn't move--let alone run--for three days.

So my new goal is to run a little bit everyday to get used to the weather and so it won't be so hard--you know, what's 25 to 30 minutes? I can do that. I really wouldn't be running at all except that I signed up to do a race tomorrow with Brian. Not a long one, a 5k, but we get a margarita at the end. Hell, I'll crawl 3 miles for a margarita.

I've been doing this run a bit every day thing and tonight I finally had a great run. A run like old times when I felt I could go forever. It's so nice to feel like my old self again. But then I came home and told Brian and he said, "Oh, you burnt yourself out before the race, you won't run well tomorrow."

Yeah, it sounds mean, but he's just talking trash because the last race we did together, I beat him. Yeah, Brian, I went there. And, tomorrow, he's welcome to beat me because not only am I back in running form but even if I come in dead last, I still get a margarita.


  1. lol. fun to have someone to run with and goad you on! enjoy the run and most certainly the salty rim at the end!

  2. Thanks! I plan on it and just maybe I'll let him win...

  3. SO! You ran the ten mile huh? Impressive!

    AND, you got your groove back and ready to take on Brian again? Sounds like a win/win to me if you get a margarita coming in first OR second!