Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It's My Obsession

Have you ever played Spider Solitaire? It's a computer card game in the vein of Solitaire and Freecell and it's my latest obsession. I find myself playing it all the time: when I'm supposed to be cleaning, doing bills, running, when I'm in the booth during the show..seriously, I think I need help.

My relationship with computer card games started about 15 years ago when I worked at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. I sat next to Kevin Struthers and for a brain break, we would play Solitaire on our respective computers. But we had to make it competitive so we'd race each other to see who would win first. It was ridiculous fun and a great mind vacation.

Then, I discovered Freecell through my family and started playing all the time. Sometimes, when visiting my siblings we'd all play a game together on the computer. Of course that led to squabbles: don't put that card there, put the 2 up on the ace, etc.

Bored one day I tried Spider Solitaire. Using only one deck, it's pretty easy to win the game but now I use 2 decks and I've only won a handful of times. It hasn't stopped me from trying over and over again to beat the game.

I play it in the booth during the show as a way to keep my mind from wandering off and missing my lighting cues. I can listen to the show while clicking on cards and know where we are in the play. Otherwise I'd get so into the show that I'd forget to do my lighting cues and wonder why the lights weren't changing when someone hit the light switch: oh, that's my job! Whoops!

But I am worried about Spider Solitaire taking over my life. I have to cut back or my house will never get cleaned. I'll start today...well, maybe after a quick game.


  1. The first step is admiting you have a problem.

  2. I'm currently trying to break myself of the same addiction! lol

  3. I'm hoping summer and the desire to be outside will help me stop.