Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Who's Your Falstaff?

Megan over at All I Need Is Everything (I know, great blog name) posted her 10 ten favorite movie characters. I loved this idea and so I'm copying it. But, the thing is, I'm much more attuned to actors as opposed to characters. I can list 10 actors that I love to watch without even thinking about it: Daniel Day Lewis, Jodie Foster, Sean Penn, Judy Davis, Joan Allen, Edward Norton, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Katharine Hepburn, Cary Grant, Dame Judi Dench. Of course it begs the question: does the actor make the character or is the character great to begin with? Ah, another post maybe.

When I mentioned this dilemma to Brian, he said, "Ah, the question is, who's your Falstaff?" And so, here is a list of my Falstaffs, I couldn't quite make it to 10. I'd love to hear yours! Or we could start another list such as favorite movie quotes (I got a bunch).

Megan listed each character and gave a quote from the film so why mess with success:

Marie LaTour

I need to have fun. I'm still young after all.

Captain Shakespeare
CAPT. SHAKESPEARE: And Yvaine, I have some lovely dresses, take your pick

YVAINE: I'm fine.

CAPT. SHAKESPEARE: Honey, you're wearing a robe.

John Cusack - in anything he does, let's face it he does tend to play the same character, loveable though he is.

I don’t want to sell anything, buy anything or process anything as a career. I don’t want to sell anything bought or processed, buy anything sold or processed or process anything sold, bought, or processed or repair anything sold, bought or processed. You know as a career, I don’t want to do that.

Mrs. Mia Wallace

I do believe Marsellus Wallace, my husband, your boss, told you to take ME out and do WHATEVER I WANT. I wanna dance, I wanna win, I want that trophy, so dance good.

Harvey Milk

I'm Harvey Milk and I'm here to recruit you.

Susan Vance

"He's three years old, gentle as a kitten and likes dogs." I wonder if Mark means he eats dogs or is fond of them?

James Bond

I don't have to say it do I? Y'all know his name.

Katherine Scarlett O'Hara Wilkes Kennedy Butler. I save the best for last because as God is her witness, she is never going hungry again.


  1. Ooh, goooooood ones!

    "Vahnce, honey, Vahnce, that's my society moniker!"

  2. I like John Cusack as well! Great actor.

  3. HI -

    Your top ten is spot on! How about directos. Top 4 or 5?
    I'll start with Hitchcock, Hawkes and Mamet

  4. Carl - I've been thinking about your comment since I posted it. I've never realized that I do like directors, I'm right there with Hitchcock and Mamet. I also like Sydney Lumet and I'll admit it, Michael Mann. I really enjoyed Heat and Collateral.