Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Eyes Have It

I had to take both my children to the eye doctor the other day. My daughter has amblyopia or lazy eye and we needed to check up on it. I thought she'd be easy since the problem seems to have stabilized. Basically, her brain makes her left eye do all the work and the right does nothing. I guess that's why they call it lazy.

Only, her left eye might become nearsighted in the next year or two. Probably because it's annoyed at the right eye for doing all the work. Then, it's back to the glasses but I can't see the right eye pulling it's share of the weight after lazing about for so long. I just hope it doesn't get worse and worse.

We had to have my son checked as well. The pediatrician thought he might have seen the beginnings of lazy eye. But not he has pseudo-strabismus. I had been told this by another opthamologist years ago. Of course I forgot the name and kept calling it pseudo-strombolli. Over Easter, my sister in law, who runs an eye surgery center corrected me. I guess he really isn't a fake bread machine, huh?
I didn't think pseudo-strabismus was such a big deal until this latest opthamologist said he has no depth perception. I don't even know what that means. The doctor said if it doesn't bother him than we don't have to worry yet but he may need surgery.
I kept trying to pinpoint her on what does "having trouble" mean? And, how am I supposed to tell he's having trouble or maybe he just doesn't want to play a certain game? Or maybe...see, when a doctor starts talking to me my brain just goes into overdrive.
And I had thought that he was going to do so well at baseball. The opthamologist said that there are plenty of professional athletes with no depth perception but that just doesn't make sense to me.

I never thought about sight much before. I've had 20/10 vision for most of my life and I think I'm down to 20/20 now so I suppose I've always taken it for granted. But I've always wanted glasses. I thought they looked so cool in that "I'm not into being cool" way. I could whip them off to make a point or slowly polish them when I wanted to convey deep thoughts. Brian wears glasses. When we first met he was going to get contacts until I told him I like a guy in glasses.

Unfortunately (or fortunately since I don't need them), glasses don't look good on me. Glasses make some people look smart or tragically hip. I just look tragic and like I'm trying way too hard. I become a pseudo-intellectual. I guess though, that's better than looking like a fake bread machine.

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