Friday, June 3, 2011

It's Friday! And What a Week it Was

Sitting here, having a glass of Chardy, as a famous (infamous) Aussie Blogger calls it, on a Friday on my porch.  For a 4 day week (Monday was Memorial Day) it seemed rather long.

Tuesday was my only day at home to get stuff done and amazingly the only night of the week when neither child had any activities; a rarity this time of year.  However, it was also my anniversary so Brian and I and the kids went to check out this beer place located inside of a Whole Foods.  I know, I know, we really live it up.  This place has 6 micro brews on tap and several wines (and no, we didn't try them all) as well as a bit of food.  It was okay, nothing to write home about.  We decided that it would be a good place to get a beer before going to a movie at the nearby cinema.  The cinema is located by a mall  and surrounded by chains of Pizzeria Uno's and the like.  And, I don't have to tell you what kind of beer they serve.

Wednesday was the 3rd Grade field trip to Philadelphia.  I went 3 years ago when Clara was in 3rd grade and had a great time.  A tour guide walks the class around to several sites including, of course, the Liberty Bell.  I was so excited to go again with my son.  Well, this past Wednesday, there was a heat advisory and the Philadelphia schools closed at 1:30 pm due to the heat.  But there we were tromping all over Philly.  Our tour guide was not the best.  The kids seemed to spook her as she tended to twitch if one got to close.  She had a lot of information but delivered it rather dryly.  And did I mention it was hot, extensively hot?  A friend of mine, who also went on the field trip, looked at me and said, "It's the worst day of my life."  I've got nothing to add.

The icing on the cake:  Wednesday night my poor son had a baseball game, in that heat.  Usually they play for only 90 minutes but after warming up for 15 minutes, they played for 2 hours.  That kid was Wiped Out.

The weather broke on Thursday, just a day late.  I volunteered at Cradles 2 Crayons, which I try to do once a week.  It's a great organization that I urge you to check out.  Unfortunately, there are only 2 chapters, one in Boston and one here.  I know several of the regular volunteers and we were getting together to re-organize a section.  I love these women, they are so much more real than the people with whom I worked on the yearbook (remember the lady and her dog I told you about?).  We shared ideas and listened to each other.  I had to leave before they finished but one of the volunteers sent me an e mail with an update on what they did.  See, how hard is it to act like an adult?  And, how much more pleasant?

That afternoon was the last meeting of the yearbook committee: My "best friend" didn't say a word to me.  Clara got her candy and we had water ice and then left.  I know when I'm not welcome but I wasn't going to be cheated out of my goodies.  You know, I heard about a book that just came out that tracked kids from high school into real life.  All the geeks, outcasts, etc., they are the ones moving and shaking in this world:  Steve Jobs (geek), J.K. Rowling (book nerd), Lady Gaga (fashion weirdo, hasn't changed much has she?).  It's the popular kids who end up with the most insecurities.  So there you go.

Not to leave out today, volunteered again (my halo is getting so shiny), mowed the lawn and now I'm enjoying the night.  Before I ramble anymore, I raise my glass in hopes you all have a great weekend!


  1. woo hoo on surviving the yearbook commitee...been a scorching week here...can you turn your halo down just a bit? smiles. have a great weekend yourself...

  2. Sounds better than my week but I understand the Yearbook Committee thing. I was once begged to give up a Saturday for the school art show but apparently I had no idea how to curate such an event and was ignored completely by the snobby women who thought they did. Bitches. Go the chardy!

  3. I really still have a hard time with you drinking chardonnay. You have to try the Chablis from Burgundy. Much, much better. The minerality just stands out. Plus, Mom keeps getting confused about who likes what white wine. It's all your fault.

  4. How's The Weather this Week? I Hope A Tad Cooler? American Beer Is So Extreme ,It's Either 'orrible or Brilliant (with little inbetween)
    Me'Thinks You Would appreciate Warm /Flat London Beer At the Moment!?:)