Wednesday, June 1, 2011

All Work and No Play: Who Me?

So I've been a bit busy since I've not been blogging: some work, some play.  As you know, I don't do all work. Here's a slight rundown.


This year, I joined the 6th grade yearbook committee.  Our elementary school goes to 6th grade so there's a slew of activities for the 6th graders.  Don't get me started on the whole "graduating" from 6th grade; that's an entirely different post.  I figured I'd help out with the yearbook and Clara could help out and we could get to know other people in her class.  Clara doesn't have a ton of friends at school; she definitely has her own beat going on, which I know will be helpful later on in life.  In sixth grade, not so helpful.  In addition to attending meetings, I said I would format all the greetings.  These are little notes written by family, friends, etc. to certain 6th graders.  They cost $5 each and are a way to subsidize the cost of the yearbook.  This one mom on the committee, who is very close to the woman running the show, has decided that she doesn't like me.  I know it sounds so 6th grade but I started to get suspicious at the past few meetings when she couldn't even look me in the eye.  Then came the kicker.  I went to her house to pick up some greetings she had.  She has a glass front door so I watched her come down the stairs, stop halfway, turn to her dog to make her dog sit, and sit, and sit, before acknowledging my presence.  She saw me because as I mentioned, the door was glass.  Finally, after 5 minutes, she said she would get the stuff for me and then handed it through the door barely saying a word.  Why the dog had to sit is beyond me.

A few thoughts ran through my mind as I watched this:
1.  "Uh, I can see you, you know that right?"
2.  I wish I had a video so I could tape this and then send it to her so she could see how rude she is
3.  I have no desire to speak to this woman ever again.  Even if that guy is right and we are the last two people on earth.  Especially if we're the last two people on earth.

I chose option 3.

The greetings themselves were not difficult, just tedious.  With over 90 greetings, I had to type up each one in a different font, chose a shape to surround it, fit it on the page.  If I write "Congratulations!  You did it!  We are so proud of you!"  One more time, I might run screaming out of the house.  These people do know that the kid has 6 more years of school (not including college)?   And, that it gets harder from here?  I told Clara I was only half way proud of her as she was only half way done.  Okay, so I don't get into all these stuff like so many other parents.  And I wonder where Clara gets it from.

And, the last work of the weekend was cleaning out the garage.  My husband tried his hardest to talk me out of it but I wasn't having it.  It feels great to get it done.  We even marked on the wall where each tool, broom, shovel goes. This way we'll know when we put a tool back wrong.


Summer arrived on Friday night to our little town of Glenside.  I knew because of two things:  the heat and neighbors.  It got to 90, on Friday, a sure sign that Spring had sprung it's last.  We started out the evening with beers on the deck planning on making mussels for the family.  Brian noticed a neighbor or two and invited them over for a beer.  Inviting one neighbor over is like throwing a party in high school -- you only have to tell a few people and everyone shows up.   I'm not complaining.  I had two bags of mussels and a loaf of bread which barely fed everyone.  Unfortunately, I don't have JC's touch with the loaves and the fishes.  I blame Brian, he is an Atheist.  No one minded though and several contributed food.

Sunday night took us to the Blue Comet, a local bar (within walking distance) that plays rockabilly music on Sundays from 6 pm to 10 pm.  I may have mentioned it before.  The band there this past weekend was awesome.  It's always a bit crowded but people find a spot to dance and there are some good dances there, complete with the big hair and tattoos.  Boy can they swing though.  Dance that is, I don't know about the other stuff.  Brian and I tried our hand at it, we've taken some lessons.  We weren't as good, I'll tell you.  Maybe we need to get tats...I could pouff my hair...

Here's a YouTube video of the band we saw, The Buzzards, worth catching out if you get the chance.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find a video that had both good video and good audio.


  1. I haven't seen a live rockabilly band since the 1980s (when the Stray Cats were popular). It'd be worth a trip... especially since I know you could advise me when it comes to choosing the best local beer.

  2. Oops. I take that back. I saw one in Manhattan in the late '90s. I should know better than to post a comment before having my coffee.

  3. nice...word did not make it to VA on the party love those spontaneous parties...have a really funny story on one sometime...

    and dont let this flake of a woman bother you...she is obviously still in kindergarten herself...ugh

  4. I (and Dave too if I asked him) miss hanging with you and Brian!
    I didn't get the big graduation thing for elementary school either. Watches, Trips and more were handed out. It's only Elementary people! Granted harder for some than others and an acknowledgement in that case might be warranted but come on. We went to Ft. Ticondaroga (and got a speeding tkt.) to celebrate the coming of summer last year not really the graduation of Hillside.

  5. tomorrow i go to ms t's graduation from kindergarten....yeah, do not get me started!

    if women can be curmudgeons, then i think i'm becoming one whenever i hear of 'graduation' from something other than h.s. or college i start fantasizing a rant.... but curtailing curmudgeon-ess i repress the rant.

    happy to read that neighbors added food to the impromptu party.... i love those!

    oh ....i say as to the beginning of this most delightful post....poor dog....what a human to be stuck with!

  6. Loaves , fishes & Atheists just don't mix!:).