Sunday, January 30, 2011

Introducing Hops

So I thought I'd introduce you to the newest member of our family:  Our cat Hops.  This is a picture of his first moments in our house.  He was supposed to be a Christmas present but we had to adopt him a few weeks earlier and it's not the kind of present you can hide in a closet.  He's 5 months old in the pic.  As you might suspect, he spent the first few days hiding under our bed.  Now, he's all over the place, especially when he thinks he should have more food.

At night, he often sleeps downstairs on the mouse pad of the kids' computer (I wonder why he likes the mouse pad?).  Around 3 am, he comes up to our bed and lays down on me.  I'll wake up and scratch him for a moment.  But apparently, that's never enough for him because he then climbs up on my chest looking for more.  If I don't give it to him, he backs his butt up to my face and sits on my mouth.  If I don't get scratched, you don't breathe.

Here's a photo of him in our "silverscape" we created for Christmas.  Yes, silverscape sounds like that weird perky woman on Food Network.  But the cat looks good!

I've heard that people will get a dog after the last kid enters elementary school.  Dogs would have been much too much work.  It's nice having Hops around during the day.  I don't look sooo strange talking to myself.  And, he's always a good excuse to sit on the couch and *ahem* "rest my eyes."

Here's a photo of Hops with the kids.  If you want to know (and you haven't already guessed), I did name him.  It's not because he hops a lot, although he does this weird sideways, high, hop when he's playing.  Hops, you know like in beer.

Oh yeah, we think he might be possessed.


  1. Aww!! Cute tuxedo kitty! Don't make the mistake I did and feed him cheap food.

  2. Lovely boy...Treat him well and he'll be great fun and a loyal friend. Tuxes are also very smart.

  3. nice...i remember when our cat was young and would sleep on my chest...shes 12 years old now and is asleep at my feet...

  4. Animals can be the focus of so much happiness can't they. I have no idea how they do it - but they do.

  5. Well he seems to have settled in nicely. I'd have a cat but worry that it might go for the wildlife. They are much easier to look after than dogs though I'll grant you that.

  6. I thought it probably WAS a blog about beer, so it didn't occur to me that you'd named the kitty Hops because of hopping... but that's me. When you get to be older--LOTS older, you know you'd look just as weird talking to the cat! I Hope you all have a lot of fun getting to know one another, and I certainly hope Hops IS possessed. That could be fun.

    or not?