Friday, November 5, 2010

There is Superstition...

Brian and I were at a party a couple of weeks ago talking with another couple about baseball (this was before the Phillies failure to make it to the series).  We told this guy that we couldn't watch the Phillies play because every time we did, they lost.  In all seriousness, the guy said, "You know, whether or not the Phillies lose has nothing to do with you watching the game."

Well, duh, but we weren't going to take any chances.

Superstitions are funny, and sports (baseball in particular) is riddled with them:
  • The curse of the Bambino
  • No mentioning "it" when a pitcher is on his way to a no-hitter
  • The William Penn curse
  • The Sports Illustrated jinx
Not to mention of course the players personal superstitions including: bat smelling, chicken eating, beard growing, special shorts wearing, etc.

I have to admit, while I'm not a professional sports player (bet you didn't know that), I have my own superstitions which in the clear light day are obviously ridiculous. 

My silliest superstition is about my earrings.  I swear that if I wear certain earrings, I'll have a bad day.  Don't!  I know what you are thinking.  But I have hard-core, well-researched, anecdotal evidence!  It seems that every time I wear certain earrings, my day goes south.  Sometimes, I'll forget what pair I've put on, my day will be rocky, I'll look in the mirror and Voila!  Bad earrings!  I don't know how you can argue with that. 

I do have to get over it though because Brian gives me most of my earrings and I don't want to offend him by suggesting he is somehow the orchestrator of my terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad days. 

Now who's up for sharing their superstitions?  Unless of course, I lost you at bad earrings.

Oh, and, in case you were wondering, we tried not to watch the Phillies play but ended up in a bar when the game was on.  They were up by 2 runs and in the time it took us to drink a beer, the Giants pulled ahead by 2.  So I guess I won't be watching baseball next summer.


  1. This is a clear case of corporate malfeasance! There was no consumer warning lable on those earings! Any lawyers in this croud?

  2. I gave my husband a charlie brown tie that he loved. Red with a picture of charlie brown being tangled up in a kite string. Since I call him CB all the time, it was a great gift. EXCEPT. Every time he wore it to work (he is an IT professional) the servers crashed. Every. Damn. Time. The tie had been retired to a hook in his closet never to see the light of day again (until retirement at least). Is that superstition? or bad mojo? Either way....

  3. seriously you just need to get rid of those earrings...smiles. i might steal that idea for a story...and i used to do the same with UNC basketball...i had to go out and shoot baskets for them to win...

  4. I had this suit I just loved, looked good in, fit perfectly. Then I fell and broke my nose. Fast forward four years later.... wearing the suit again. The Prius gets totaled. Dry-cleaned the suit and marched it over to Goodwill. Not taking any more chances. But I truly loved that suit. Unfortunately, I love life more.

  5. What is the William Penn curse? I know the first two and can guess the SI jinx.

    I am very careful not to say things are great or good or wonderful. Like the Chinese, I prefer not to specify my joss in case the gods are listening and, as they did in the Harry Hamlin version of "Clash of the Titans", knok over my chess piece and take me out!

  6. A statue of William Penn stands atop City Hall and it was an unspoken "rule" that no building would be built higher than the statue. Along came a building boom in the 1980's and tall building sprang up all over and since that time Philly has been denied a major sports title until 2008 when someone put a small figurine of William Penn on top of the city's highest building.

  7. The only games the Giants lost during this post-season were when I was wearing my Giants gear. So the team store has lost a customer, for sure!

    I heard Aubrey Huff wore a red thong every game.


  8. I have a couple of 'lucky' tops that when I wear them very good things happen. Nah, not really superstitious.