Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bits n Pieces

Was a bit busy getting ready for Thanksgiving which turned into a luxuriously lethargic weekend following the feast.  And, if you've ever read my blog, you know how I go for the lazy.

Although I was the official host of my side of the family's Thanksgiving, hardly anyone could make it due to several constraints.  But my brother made it with my sister-in-law and niece who just got engaged so her fiance joined in as well.  As did my cousin's daughter and her family.  Her side of the family is out west so we were happy to have them.  Small but mighty we were.  My niece studied culinary arts so after we did the Gobble Wobble (a 5k T Day morning race), we headed back to make the feast.  Basically, I just did what I was told and drank wine which worked out well.

Great thing about not having visitors, is not having them in your house.  The day after Thanksgiving, I found myself alone with my family.  We didn't have to travel anywhere and we didn't have to entertain anyone.  It's a rarity for us to be alone on Thanksgiving weekend.  So we went to the movies -- we saw Tangled.  I give it an "eh."  Not the best Disney flick and certainly not the worst. 

Friday was a bit of a gift because Brian was going to spend the day (with our only car) in Trenton, NJ, trying to buy us a second car.  See, and I can't remember if I posted about this before, my car got totalled in an accident in early August.

I'm fine and it wasn't my fault at all.  I was driving home from Old City around midnight, minding my own business when a car ran into the driver's side front end (according to the police he made an illegal left and ignored a steady red).  All very sudden.  My side airbag deployed.  Well, not so much deployed as fell out of its casing.  Luckily, I wasn't hurt and even more luckily, 2 policemen saw the accident.  It was a bit scary because I was alone.  Brian had to come down and get me and wait with me for the tow truck which took so long I had to pee behind a statue because there were no nearby loos.  Don't tell anyone will you?

We had to get a new car because of the frickin' air bag.  The insurance company will total your car because an airbag is so expensive to replace.  So we got a new car the day before Thanksgiving.  A smaller car than my last one (which was a station wagon).  The funny (odd not ha ha) thing was I had been thinking just a couple of days before the accident that "as soon as we finish with this station wagon, we're going to get a smaller car and save on gas."  I guess someone heard me.  Still getting used to a smaller car.  I'm a bit worried about road trips but as Brian pointed out, "we'll just take less stuff."

That's pretty much what I've been up to.  Oh one last thing...James Franco and Anne Hathaway hosting the Oscars?  Really?  They don't have any personality yet.  And I don't even think they are stage actors which helps enormously if you're going to be on Stage for an entire evening.  I know what you're going to say: Well, don't watch them.  But that really isn't in my DNA.  Although, I have not been much of a movie goer this season.  I did see Howl with James Franco and it was good and will probably assist in getting him a Best Actor nod for 127 Hours (the Academy loves breadth of work although they don't always recognize it).  None of the movies have really inspired me to get off my lazy ass and go see them.  But I am trying to buck that trend and will be going to see Stone (tonight hopefully).  It's certainly no Oscar contender but Edward Norton is in it.  (SIGH!)  Now, he could host the Oscars and I wouldn't complain, hell, he could read from the phone book and I'd buy a front row seat.


  1. Yep totally agree with Edward Norton. Shame about the car I guess we're used to smaller cars here. Have a Honda Accord and a Corolla and it's surprising what you can stuff in each at a pinch.

  2. oh man...glad you were ok...car wrecks are no fun...but congrats on the new vehicle...

  3. Sorry to hear of your road accident, Kate. Hopefully, you'll keep the new car for a long time...

    As for the Oscars, I'm tired of Hollywood fare...As you say, totally unispired. If you see anything noteworthy, let me know.

    Edward Norton? I agree, but then again, I think Bob Hoskins is cute too, so what do I know?

  4. Glad you had a lazy weekend. I went to see Tangled as well, the 3D version, with Gretchen. Gretchen gave it two thumbs up. My opinion- I think it was better in 3D. I enjoyed that part. It's cool having birds and butterflies swooping over your shoulder. Then we lunched at Mario's, always a family favorite.