Monday, October 18, 2010

What Did I Say I Wanted to do Next?

I haven't blogged in a while but I have been thinking...a lot.  Does that count?  I'm in sort of a funk but my situation could not be more enviable.  This past summer when I told the Arden that I couldn't do the show this fall, I expected them to throw me out on my ear.  Instead, they understood and said they definitely wanted me to work on a show in the early spring.

This fall, I had expected to be furiously writing cover letters and ranting about the indignity of it all.  But no, I'm free until February with kids in school all day and collecting unemployment.  Ideal, no?

But what should I do with all this time?  I am volunteering, taking singing lessons, running, taking a French class.  I'm even, and this is hard to believe, doing some yard work and actually liking it.   I'm clearing an old fence, weeds, and the persistent ivy from the back of our property. 

The ivy stole our yard....I'm stealing it back.

But then I think, maybe I should be doing something revolutionary or creative?  I could make a mark on the world with all this free time.

But what?

And, if I do....will I still have time to get dinner on the table at 6 and kiss my kids good night?

Sometimes, I wish I knew exactly what I should do with my life and other times, it all seems so simple.


  1. ha. still wondering that one myself...somtimes, when i am not too busy having fun...smiles.

  2. Dear Kate,

    You are doing creative things, in fact you're doing quite a lot...

    If you feel the need to do more, making a space often makes it easier for an answer to present itself.

  3. To elaborate on JeffScape's comment:
    Write stuff other than cover letters.

  4. All good suggestions. As for making a space - that's scary! But important.

  5. You're definitely doing more than I would be doing. :)

    Enjoy it. You never know when this kind of time might come around again.