Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Is this High School or What?

I was in French class last night and we were going over the Passe Compose.  In French, certain verbs use the avoir (to have) for the past tense and certain verbs use the etre (to be) verb for the past tense.

Yes, only the French.

Anyway, we were going over it last night.  For the most part, I know what verb uses what in the past tense but I know it instinctively now.  Yes, I sound like the arrogant nerd of high school but I was a French major in college and did a year of graduate study so I should be able to speak it a bit. 

Anyway, there's this girl (okay, woman), in my class.  I'll call her Cheryl (because that's her name).  Anyway, Cheryl likes to give EVERYONE the answers.  She even corrects the teacher and offers "helpful" suggestions. 

Can you tell I don't like her that much?

Oh, and she does that thing where, when she answers a question correctly or "helps" the instructor, she tosses her head and looks around to make sure everyone knows she was right.

Well, last night the teacher asked me about a verb and all of a sudden I couldn't remember.  You know, when you know the answer but when asked a direct question you don't know.  You know?  So the teacher starts in on an example to help me remember.  I guess Cheryl felt I needed help because at the same time she turns to me (complete with toss) and says, "It's etre." 

Pissed off, I shut her down with a loud, "Shhh."

Everyone in class heard and they all like Cheryl and I hate being the bad guy and they'll probably never speak to me again and I'll never be friends with them but OH MY GOD SHE WAS JUST ANNOYING THE CRAP OUT OF ME!!!


  1. even i knew that really the only french i know is "come and tie my shoe" and the response "come see, come saw"...

    yeah that would be annoying...

  2. Hm. Let me see if I can phrase this politely: To heck with her, and to heck with them.

    (And yes, that is the extremely bowdlerized version. The uncensored version is only five words long!)

  3. I was in a music appreciation class at my first college (taking it for the easy A). We had a dude who wouldn't shut up... drove the teacher nuts, but she wouldn't put her foot down.

    I was on crutches at the time.

    One day, after he interrupted the teacher, I told him to (and I quote), "Shut the f*** up before I hit you with this crutch."

    The teacher admonished both of us, but it was clear she loved me for it. Heh.

  4. Kate, I love you. I would have hit her with a pie, if I had one. If she had braids, I would have pulled them. Tripped her as she went down the aisle. Something, anything, to put her in her place. There is never a need to jump in. If one knows the answer, one raises one's hand and waits to be called upon by the adult in charge. That's how us classy know-it-alls do it.
    PS: Can I send you a pie before your next class?

  5. I wonder what the next class will be like? Is this a class at a college? If so, your instructor should really let each student answer...

    Perhaps you should think about that pie...

  6. OMG the supercilious student in French class. Gawd that takes me back. We had this one guy who for yes wouldn't say "oui" he said "ouAY" because, you know, that's how they say it if they are TRUE PARISIANS because you know he'd already DONE his year abroad and you know he knew a MARQUISE and stuff. GAH! I hated that guy!


  7. Sounds annoying. How can the class love a smartass like that? Keep shuttng her down for your own satisfaction if nothing else!

  8. I bet they're secretly giving you a mental high five. Who really likes someone like that?

  9. Kate: I know what you mean and I applaud you for telling her to fuck off in your more PC way.

    Happy to see you back in blogland.