Monday, December 14, 2009

'Tis The Season!

I'm sure I don't have to tell anyone how busy it can get this time of year. This past weekend we had my daughter's birthday party while also trying to finish painting our kitchen and putting up new shelves. Brian's been working a lot as well as brewing some more beer; he put a keg in our downstairs fridge so he could keg the beer instead of putting it into bottles. (I hope to have pictures of our "updating" soon) Plus, we have the usual Christmas shopping, cleaning, and baking going on. And, need I mention that it's Oscar season?

I've been around to read everyone's blogs except that I haven't been commenting due to time constraints but I swear I've read them all!

In lieu of an awe-inspiring post, I'm going to share two "holiday" videos.

The first is pretty liberal:

The second is just good fun:


  1. ok the silent monks was worth the price of admission. What kind of rehearsal time do you think was needed there???

  2. Oh, these are so funny! What day was your daughter's b-day? My husband's was the 12th and my brother-in-law's was the 13th.

    Would love to see photos of your brewing update.

    Keep on Chuggin'

  3. ha. love the monks! tis the season...crazy business...take time to enjoy..and see you soon!

  4. lol,really cool!Thank you for sharing this.Have a nice week.