Monday, December 7, 2009

Burgers and Other Scary Things

Do you have things that you avoid doing? I don't mean raking, I mean tasks or jobs that you don't do because you can't or you don't think you can because the learning curve seems to steep.

It's like that with me and the grill. I don't grill, in fact I'm a bit afraid of grilling because I think I might burn the house down or serve undercooked meat.

Now, you have to understand that I was a vegetarian for 13+ years so there are a lot of meat-related things that I haven't done. I roasted my first whole chicken just a few months ago. It turned out pretty good by the way, but it was pretty nerve-racking.

Okay, so I don't like to grill but I do enjoy a good burger, and so do my kids. I had ground beef in the freezer so I decided to de-frost it for dinner on Saturday. Saturdays were always burger night when I was growing up. I can still see my dad standing over the charcoal grill, rain or shine, making the burgers. You see, I'm the youngest of 7 and all my siblings are picky eaters. My mother made life easier for herself by having a meal for every day of the week--Sundays were roast beef, Mondays were leftovers, etc.--and Saturdays were burgers and potato chips. I still have a weakness for potato chips. Once she made pea soup and nobody liked it so we were all (all 7 of us) sent to bed without supper. After that it was burgers, roast beef, spaghetti, etc.

Anyway, the ground beef had not defrosted by dinner time on Saturday which worked out in my favor because Brian had to work late and couldn't grill for us. I skated on that one and figured we'd have burgers on Monday when he'd be home.

I should have known that I would have to cook the burgers myself. Earlier today, I was listening to NPR and someone said, "You should figure out what scares you and face it and do it." They were talking about in-laws but still it stayed with me. I have no idea what in-laws and doing something scary have in common but there you are.

Right after that, Brian called to say he would be home late. I knew it! But I chickened out (no pun intended) and cooked the burgers on the stove which is not in any way, shape, or form anything like grilled burgers.

It was an entirely dispiriting evening.

I blame Brian of course. Or NPR, I can't decide.


  1. A grill is nothing more than an oven with an open flame... and less chance of an electrical fire.

    So nyah!


  2. give the grill a chance...its one of my favorite things to do...and about the only way i cook, i can be a little dangerous in the to keep me away...

  3. Blame NPR... I think it's always important to have something or someone to blame who cannot argue back. Me, I would say go ahead and blame my mother. But NPR works. Writing a blog was something I started that I was afraid of. Building a pond, however, is something I will remain afraid of and NOT try. I always meant to try to bake an angel food cake from scratch, but I'm thinkin' of the WASTE of eggs if I screw up. Funny how many excuses we find.

    Yeah. Blame NPR.

  4. Of course, little one, it's not your fault in the least. It was the husband's boss or the radio programmer.

    But what I really want to tell you is DO NOT FEAR THE GRILL. I REPEAT, DO NOT FEAR THE GRILL.

    I know that as a female, I'm in the minority as a griller but, I do it all in my family. It is really easy and what JeffScape says is true. We don't eat much meat but most of what we do, I grill. I even do turkeys on the darn thing. And the clean up is SO EZ that I just love it. Face your fear, you'll be glad you did.

  5. I am happy to report that I grilled today at least half-way, Brian took over at the end but I started it. I still contend it's a guy thing though!

  6. I'm a vegetarian, so do not use a traditional grill. A friend suggested a George Foreman electric grill that will grill both sides of foods without having to turn them over and it is constructed so that much of the fat drains away.

    I use this for veggie burgers, veggie kababs and other things and it seems to work well. I should tell you that clean up is also very easy, and since I have only a small space in which to cook, this works for me too.

  7. I've been meaning to take over the grill since certain events took over the family. I am even more determined now despite the weather. It has been the bailiwick of the masculine side of the family as you know. But it is time I take over. There is much to have fun with and food, tastes better and I believe the clean up is awesome!

  8. I dont know what NPR is (the radio?) Anyway, maybe next time watch a Cop Show .....?'wait for the point where the detective says 'I,m going to give this Guy a good grilling......'Watch & Learn!

  9. Hey Kate!I didn't eat any meat in 12 years!But I do eat fish.Grill is not something I do too.
    Ronda cracked me up!LOL

  10. That is why they created burger King! LOL!