Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Year's Resolution

Do you make New Year's resolutions? I tend to call them "goals" as opposed to resolutions but then instead of coloring my hair I say that I 'encourage it to be blond.'

Most of my goals are things that I've noticed that I need to work on which in my mind makes it easier than a resolution. If I'm working toward a goal, I can screw up a few dozen times before achieving it. For example, one year I noticed that I took everything other people said as comments about me. A friend of mine might say that she took up running and suddenly I'd be thinking, "Does she think I should start running? What does she mean by that? Maybe I'm getting really out of shape?"

Pathetic! So, my goal for that year was to not take things so personally. And, it helped because when I found myself questioning how someone mowing their lawn could be an attack on me, I'd remind myself of my goal and realize that perhaps that person might have just mowed his lawn without even thinking about me--crazy, I know.

So this year, I've decided to try to eat greener--you know with less of a carbon footprint. It can be so difficult because pre-packaged food is so bloody convenient. Not to mention that corn-fed beef is much cheaper. But there you have it, we're going to eat a bit greener.

I'm assisted in my endeavour by two articles I have read; one in Bon Appetit about "50 Ways to Eat Greener" and one on Mark Bittman's blog about what to get rid of in your kitchen.

So I hope to eat greener and yes I'll probably fail a few times. Let's just say, I'll be encouraging my family to eat greener.

Of course, before I do any of this I have to watch the Golden Globes. It is Oscar season after all!

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