Sunday, January 11, 2009

Golden Globes Recount

A few thought on the Golden Globes:

A note first: I'm writing as I watch and I'm posting directly after so please forgive grammar and spelling mistakes.

JLo's dress - not so much. And what did she mean by: "Mama talkin' now"? Really, doesn't she know that no kid listen to their mother?

Ahh, I didn't know that Bruce Springsteen wrote the music for The Wrestler. That puts it into higher contention for the Oscar now (think Philadelphia).

Laura Dern: Great actress, great dress, great acceptance speech!

Yeah, I know that I'm supposed to like Wall E much better than any other animated film but I think Kung Fu Panda rocked!

Heath Ledger -could have predicted this one. Eternally missed but never forgotten - yeah, I think Mr. Nolan got that one right.

Why do the foreign language films always look more interesting than the American films? I know we started the whole movie thing but sometimes I think the other countries perfected it.

And, here's an odd thing, the Golden Globes are the Hollywood Foreign Press awards - so why do they give an award for a foreign language?

What is with the poofiness on the dresses?!

Seth Rogen - Not so funny.

Screenplay Award? Slumdog Millionaire - a great film, I'm hoping it wins Oscar gold but it won the screenplay award here which usually means "runner up" for Best Picture. It's not often a film wins both - Screenplay and Picture.

Kevin Connolly (Entourage) looked so disappointed when he lost for Supporting Actor, I like him so much on the show. But he was up against Alec Baldwin - that's like being up against Daniel Day Lewis.

Paul Giamatti in John Adams. I hear the critics didn't like the mini-series so much but so far three wins and, okay, I love Paul Giamatti. Have you seen Sideways? Or American Splendor? And, he is exactly one year older than I--yup, same day, off by one year. Hmm, I'm feeling like I need to do more with my life...

30 Rock - shocked! Okay, not really. Who doesn't love Tina Fey after the Sarah Palin impersonation? It is the rest of the world we're talking about. I was just in Cancun with friends who live near Washington, DC. When Mexicans found out where my friends were from, they would say, "Oh, you're near Barack Obama."

Best Score - Slumdog Millionaire, so deserving except I didn't see the rest of the nominated films but I LOVED the music in Slumdog Millionaire. If you haven't seen it, do stay for the credits, they are so great. Okay, what do we think - Screenplay and Score? I don't think it's winning best picture.

Tina Fey - best actress. Hmmm, yeah, could have predicted that one. Plus Ms. Fey is funny.

Commercial Break - the Eagles in the Super Bowl? Did the Phillies start something? We shall see.

Isn't Martin Scorsese so flippin' cool? Everything he said about Mr. Spielberg could be said about Mr. Scorsese. Yes, Mr. Spielberg is a great director and deserving but Mr. Scorsese is just that much cooler in the way that Frank Sinatra is cooler than Bono. AND-yeah, we all need mentors but Mr. Spielberg, couldn't you be interesting?

So I keep searching to find out how many films won both best screenplay (either adapted or original) and best picture. If anyone has this information, please let me know.

Dustin Hoffman is drunk again, I think.

Wow! So wrong there! Danny Boyle, Best Director for Slumdog Millionaire. Yay! I love being wrong when this happens! Might not win Best Picture but c'mon, this award really brings it home. Great film--go see it if you haven't.

Colin Farrell--Best Actor for Comedic or Musical Picture for In Bruges. He's going on and on as if he'll never win another award in his entire life. Of course, if this speech goes on, we may not have time for any other movie, ever.

I thought Sacha Baron Cohen's comment about Madonna was funny but no one in the room did. Oh well, can't laugh at your own. What does that say?

I love it when Woody Allen wins (for Vicky Cristina Barcelona). He just makes films. He loves to make films. We can talk about all that other stuff but why?

Kate Winslet: Double Win! Wow, when has that happened? Yeah, it's the Golden Gloes but 2 wins in one night. Nice. Haven't seen either film but I am looking forward to Revolutionary Road.

Mad Men won best drama for television. I don't get that show. I tried to watch it but got bored. Men sitting around drinking and being chauvinists--now that's entertainment.

Mickey Rourke won best actor! Didn't I tell you he'd be Sean Penn's competition? Yeah, Hollywood loves a comeback kid so let's see what happens on Oscar night. And, you can tell that Mr. Rourke hasn't spoken to another adult in a while, yeah?

Slumdog Millionaire - the little movie that could!

Doesn't this make you all itchy for Oscar night?

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