Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Very Special Election

I'm watching the election coverage (who isn't?) and I'm reminded of what struck me during the primaries. At the start of the race I was a Hilary Clinton supporter. It was Barack Obama's speech on race here in Philadelphia that changed my mind. The nuance of his understanding of that issue really spoke to me. Anyway, my husband stayed a Hilary Clinton fan. My children, of course could not agree with each other; my daughter was a Hilary Clinton supporter (even wrote her a letter) and my son liked Barack Obama.

While we were discussing it one night at dinner, I looked at my children and realized how both of them had a role model in this election. My son is from Guatemala and while he's not African American, he sure ain't white. So, when he sees Barack Obama he sees someone like himself. As for my daughter, of course she would support a strong, intelligent woman like Hilary Clinton.

My daughter was disappointed when Senator Clinton did not win the nomination but she threw her support behind Senator Obama as did my husband. Being staunch Democrats, Governor Palin didn't even enter into the discussion.

Having grown up with white, male candidates for both parties, knowing that times are changing for my children has been very special indeed.

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