Sunday, November 20, 2011

Did Ya Hear the One about the Farmer's Market?

Farmer's markets make me want to do yoga.  Earlier this evening, I was explaining this to Brian at the same time I was talking about cling wrap.  I like to multi-task.  He said that the sentence, "I want to talk about cling wrap," would be a better opening sentence but I don't actually want to talk about cling wrap.  It's really not that interesting.

Let me set the scene, we went to the Elkins Park farmer's market this morning.  Last night, our kids had a sleep over with friends, so we were alone.  We went out for a drink and a bite then home for a movie:  The Company Men with Ben Affleck, Tommy Lee Jones, Chris Cooper, and Kevin Costner--highly recommended.  This morning, after breakfast at a diner (complete with the New York Times), we hit the farmer's market.  It was so very metro chic of us.  It also gave me a glimpse into my future when my kids are off at college.  I felt slightly guilty at enjoying it all.

For some reason, seeing all those vegetables, organic honey, and homemade bread laid out made me want to do yoga.  It may have had something to do with the peasant omelet I had for breakfast.  Sausage, potatoes, eggs, and onions can weigh a person down.  But I think it's the farmer's market itself with the glorious colors and the feeling of eating locally and supporting the organic movement.  It's not the first time I've wanted to hurl up every greasy burger I ever ate and clean my palette with free range eggs.

Plus, the pickle man was there.  This guy only sells pickles but man, they are good pickles.  He is the embodiment of the idea that if you do one thing, make sure you do it well.  His half sour pickles are so light and clean tasting, I could have done a sun salutation in the middle of the lane.  He doesn't look like what I would picture as a pickle man; he looks more like a frat boy business major.  Just don't judge this book by it's cover until you've tried his pickles.

Glenside, the town I live in, has a farmer's market but it seems to me to be all jewelry and coffee with very few vegetables.     Some of you may remember when I wrote about the french class I took last year.  A woman in the french class was very free with correcting everyone else's french.  One night we were all out and the Glenside farmer's market came up.  When she found out I didn't go to it, she exploded with, "You live in Glenside and You  DON'T go to the farmer's market?!"  She never, of course, bothered to ask why, she preferred to berate me in front of new found friends and show the world how much better she is as a human being because she goes to the Glenside farmer's market and she doesn't EVEN live in Glenside.  What can I say?  It never made me want to do yoga.  I didn't tell her that though, she isn't the type of person who would understand that.

I don't know how you feel about farmer's markets but there's my take.  Next time, maybe I'll chat about cling wrap, you never know.


  1. haha. i like the farmers market...good people...and my wife, she loves the pickles too...

  2. We have one here twice a month and it's so popular that if you don't get there by 8am the good gear's gone. All foodstuffs though and flowers. Gorgeous organic meats, fresh eggs, fruit, veg...just lovely and pretty cheap. That woman sounds like a pain in the arse frankly

  3. Was this woman one of the reasons you stopped taking French? I hope you gave her a piece of your mind...