Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pack Your Flippin' Bags!

I haven't been around much this summer on the blogosphere.  I've been a bit busy and, quite frankly, my summer has not been all that exciting.  Nothing to report.  I've been trying to be very disciplined with working out, singing and doing morning pages (from The Artist's Way).  I've also been trying to keep my son's brain from atrophying so we've been doing math and reading all summer. 

I hope I haven't lost you to boredom yet but you can see why there's not much to blog about.  We did see U2's 360 tour a couple of weeks ago.  I was completely underwhelmed.  The sound was not good where we were sitting and we kept trying to find a better listening point.  The stage itself was supposed to make the concert feel intimate.  Instead, I felt like I was watching it on YouTube.  This is coming from a diehard U2 fan.  Well, I was.  Back in the day, I could tell you anything you needed to know about those guys and I had such a crush on Larry Mullen.  I might still do.  I think I may be a bit over them now.  Bono just seems too preachy to me these days.  At the end of the concert he wanted the audience to sing Happy Birthday to Nelson Mandela.  These guys are Irish, we're in Philadelphia, it was Bastille Day and we sang Happy Birthday to Nelson Mandela?  I like Nelson Mandela, don't get me wrong but it seemed just so out of place.  I get that Africa is in a crisis.  I understand.  But if Bono is so gung-ho about this cause, why doesn't he sell off some of his houses or motorcycles or guitars (that he can't play, damn did I say that out loud?) to help the cause.  I mean, either practice what you preach or don't preach.  My apologies to the U2 fans out there.

A side note on singing:  I found a new singing teacher whom I love and I have made such progress since switching to her.  And, she's a lovely human being.  It's like a win-win-win.

So anyway, here's the gist of my post:  A pet peeve.  It's happened so often now that I want to scream.  We have a Trader Joe's by us, which I frequent.  Often, I am just running in for milk or olive oil or some other item that I've run out of.  Here's what kills me:  At the register I am always (make that ALWAYS) behind a customer who does not believe in packing his/her own groceries.  That customer just stands there (like a flippin' idiot)  waiting for the cashier to finish ringing up the items and then bagging them.  Wasting my time I might add.  How hard is it to pack your own groceries?!

The worst scenario is the customer who engages the cashier in some sort of jocular conversation while NOT bagging his/her groceries.  Usually this customer then turns to me trying to engage me in this banter.  At this point I have 2 choices neither one good:  I can either ignore the person which just shows the entire Trader Joe's community how much of a curmudgeon I actually am; or, I can respond and thus prolong the misery by giving this person an audience. 

I don't go to Trader Joe's for the social aspect.  Yes, they are kind and unique grocery store but I don't actually want to hang out there for the afternoon, if you know what I mean.  One day, and this is good, the customer in front of me, instead of packing his groceries, was speaking Klingon to the cashier.  Klingon!  Really?  This isn't a freakin' cocktail party.  I'm not even sure Klingon would go over well at a cocktail party. 

Now you know a bit more about the real me....the curmudgeon.  Hopefully, it won't prevent you from reading future posts.  But if it does, I understand.  Just please, do me a favor?  Pack your groceries at Trader Joe's?  Deal?


  1. nice...i know just a bit of klingon...i will send you something rude to say to him next time...ugh,i feel you there...saw the baltimore show of U2, loved it, but i hear you there too...

    happy summer in case i dont see you again for a

  2. Wow, I identified with this posts in so many ways!

    1. Blogging. I once wrote a post called "Epiphany," where I constantly stated (in cruder form) that "It's only a freakin' blog." I write when I want, and when I have time. That can mean 4 or 5 posts in a week... or more. It can mean four or five posts in a month... or less. For what this gig pays, no one has a right to demand any more.

    2. U2. Big fan in the mid-to late 1990s (but mostly of earlier stuff), saw them locally in '98. They weren't as preachy then. The concert was fine, the crowd was annoying.

    3. Glad to see you're still taking singing lessons, something I never did... But that didn't keep me from being lead singer in a few bands. Keep us posted on your progress, please.

    4. Not familiar with Trader Joe's. I take it they don't supply baggers? I wouldn't be above smiling sweetly and making a "friendly" suggestion like "You know, if you'd bag your own groceries, you and I would both get to our next stops that much sooner." If they seem even a bit agreeable, add "It's also the best way to make sure they're bagged the way you like them to be bagged." If they tell you to mind your own business, you could say "It is my business. You're making me late for my doctor's appointment, and he's the best infectious disease specialist in the area." Then cough. A lot.

    4. No #4, except to say that I forgot to reply to your recent comment on my blog. I'll go "fix" that.

  3. Uhhhh... yeah... right... That should have been "5. No #5," obviously.

  4. What I can't understand is how that customer gets from your branch of Trader Joes' all the way over to my branch of ASDA in record time in order to stand in front of me in the queue. Have a good summer and write when you can : you couldn't be boring if you tried.

  5. Same summer issues over at my place. I do love summer.

    Heck, I'll never take your blog on my list - it is always an enjoyable read!

  6. I have very mixed feelings about U2.I Like the music but ,as people, I get think them hypocrites .Go Figure. I've never seen U2 live but i did see Bono in 2003 in London when he came on as an unannounced guest at a Daniel Lanois gig.His Bononess was totally drunk,forgot his own lyrics & the audience had to prompt him! [photos]

  7. No one at my TJ's packs their own bags. It is the way it is set up. I would have to climb behind the counter with the cashier. Instead, they have baggers who come by and have inappropriate conversations with the checkers while your frozen bananas melt. But, there are faster than the chatter box customers.

    Enjoy the last bits of summer.

  8. I know how you feel, my brother speaks fluent Klingon and I'm always shocked when people answer him back IN Klingon !!