Saturday, May 21, 2011

Florida: You Can Stop Right There

Just returned from a week's vacation in St. Petersburg, FL.  It was the first time that Brian and I and the kids actually went away for a week by ourselves.  Usually, we travel with other people, and I have to say we had a great time.  The weather was wonderful, not too hot until the last day.

Here's the thing though, we live in Philadelphia which is known for (among things like the Liberty Bell and Ben Franklin) it's beer.  And, Brian and I are beer snobs.  But down at a beach resort town, they tend to cater to, well, Joe American, who tends to enjoy Bud products.  Their idea of an import beer was Heineken.  Some bars advertised that they had micro brews but usually ended up either being out of said micro brew or claimed that Sam Adams was a micro brew.

It became a running joke for me when Brian would ask a waiter about the beer list and the waiter would start with:  "We have bud, bud light..."  And Brian would say, "You can skip to the micro brews."  And when the waiter would say, "Oh we carry Sam Adams and.."  Brian would say, "You can stop right there."  I just thought it was the funniest thing.

The poor guy tried so hard to have a Florida brewed micro brew.  Because as any beer lover knows:  Drink Locally, right?   One of the local micro brewers is Cigar City but even though several restaurants had it on the menu, everyone seemed to be out of it "at the moment."  We were there for a week and it took us until day 6 for Brian to find a Cigar City beer.  And, sad to say, when he did, he didn't really like it that much.  So he stopped right there.

Excuse me if this is a bit incomprehensible but I've been up since 4 and traveled for 7 hours to return home.  I'm enjoying a Yards IPA (a top-notch micro brew from the city of brotherly love) and I'm not planning on stopping right there.  With the beer I mean.  With the post...I'll save you any more ramblings and continue this when I've had some sleep.


  1. So, what did the kids do while you were searching for beer?

  2. nice. st pete is the that place...great winery there too...san sebastian i think...

  3. omg! who would have imagined that HOT florida would be a beer desert - as a fellow beer (and wine) snob i feel your pain. truth be told i tend to drink more beer, but in hot weather (duh =florida) i'll choose a beer. but my f almost always goes with a beer.

    i wonder if the rest of florida mirrors what you encountered in st. petersburg. oh my.

    next time come to cleveland for your vacation, i can promise you LOTS of local beer and establishments with incredible beer lists! which match anything your great beer city offers.

    i ♥ philly!

  4. Hahaha . . yeh well I'm not a beer drinker but definitely a bit of a wine snob. Well I would be if I could afford the good stuff! Keep the standards high I say!

  5. And here is me, due to set of for Florida in two weeks time - and now I am thinking of cancelling. Is there no decent beer at all down there?

  6. Alan,
    Try looking here.

    Regretfully, I did not consult this page before traveling.