Thursday, March 10, 2011

Priorities in Order

When I was much younger, I told one of my sister's that I wished I had time to exercise.  The ridiculousness of that statement by a young teen with no responsibilities except school is not lost on me.  My sister said,"You have time, it's just a matter of priority." 

Well, she was right of course.  And, I've been thinking a lot about priorities lately.  I've been in rehearsals and tech for the past month for Superior Donuts, a great show by the way but more on that in another post.  With my copious free time greatly curtailed, I had to make choices about what I wanted to accomplish each day.  Obviously, blogging fell to the bottom of the list.  I don't think it was just lack of time that caused me to hit the pause button on my blogging but also lack of mental energy.  As a stage manager, I have to pay close attention to what's going on in the room so at the end of the day, I tend to want to veg out and not think.  Oh, and have a beer.

In thinking about my priorities over the rehearsal period, I realized that working out and practicing singing were at the top of my list; house cleaning wasn't even near the list.  I found that not exercising for a few days caused me to become cranky and irritable, well, more so than usual.  Even 30 minutes of running gave me a new outlook on life.  Singing, of course was important because I'm paying for lessons.  In addition, I found that even though I was working, it was important to me to try to provide good, healthy, home cooked meals for my kids.  That took up time but also gave me some great food to bring to work.  On this production, more so than on any other, I discovered that I didn't want to go out and buy food; I wanted something homemade.

An actor in my cast makes it a priority to write for 2 hours everyday.  I'm impressed with his dedication.   I thought I might try to do that on my breaks but found that I lacked the desire to write.  Isn't it funny, I like the idea of writing everyday, but when it comes down to it, I don't do it.

I guess I have no point really, but c'mon, that shouldn't be a surprise.  It's just interesting to me to think about time and priorities since I went from having my days completely free to working 6 days a week.  I hear so many people say, "I'd so such and such if only I had the time."  But we all have the same amount of time, right?  Isn't it just a matter of priorities?


  1. You know what's weird, when I had a young family I was so, so organised and managed to fit everything into my day. Now that they're grown, my priorities are all over the shop. I try to write every day but, hey, life gets in the way. I should try your exercise I think and get back into the swing of things.

  2. yes it is and every once in a while you have to adjust them as different areas need attention...somedays i just have to look forward to tomorrow...smiles

  3. Priorities are indeed important.

    (By the way, not that I'm one to talk, but a glance at the blogroll on your sidebar says it needs some serious updating. Megan, Candie, Subby, and Skip have all retired -- and replaced -- the blogs you link to. Looks like that's been a very low priority for you, haha!)

    Still anxiously awaiting more details on Superior Donuts!

  4. It's Always Checks & Balances I Suppose.Forever changing our balance....Priorities are Organic I Guess? it sounds like you Balance with Grace!

  5. You're totally right about priorities; we all have "the time", if we choose.

  6. Priorities! All I can do is get outta bed, go to work, try NOT to read blogs all day but rather do my job. hahahaha! My priority is to make it til 65 in this job and then find one part time. Perhaps, by then, my husband will once again bring home the addition to SSI.