Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday Idiots

On Fridays, Baino posts the latest Friday Fuckwit. This week's is especially hilarious. I'm borrowing the idea from her for this post. While my story doesn't quite make it all the way up to Fuckwit, I do need vent to vent about the stupidity of some people.

On Wednesday, I went out for a run. I'm training for Philly's half-marathon so I decided to try 12 miles again. I had done it once before but needed to know I could still run that long. People will say that you don't have to run the entire length of the race before running the race, but I don't believe them. In the middle of the Broad Street Run--which was 10 miles--I was trying to figure out how to quit. I only finished because I had nowhere else to go.

So I'm out on Wednesday, and 1 1/2 hours into my run (oh yeah, I run slow, 10 minute miles, veeerrrrry slooooooow), and a woman pulls her car over to me with the window rolled down leaning out to ask me a question.

While I'm running.

I have running shorts on, sneakers, a baseball cap, a water bottle strapped to my ass, and HEADPHONES! And, by the way, I'm running. Do I look like I want to stop and chat?

We were in Glenside, in the middle of the day. There are TONS of places to stop to ask for directions, why do you have to stop someone in the middle of her run? I kept running because I never would have finished the 12 miles if I had stopped.

Turns out, she's not the only idiot. My husband, Brian, was out running in Philadelphia when a tourist asked him where he could find the Rocky steps (never mind they are the Art Museum steps). Brian, being soooo much nicer than I, told him. This tourist proceeded to regale Brian with how far he had walked that day and that 3 more blocks probably wouldn't kill him.

Does this guy really believe that Brian (who's running) gives a rat's ass about his physical activity for the day?

I know we should be compassionate human beings but do I really have to be nice to someone who doesn't pick up his context clues?

Running Gear+Headphones+Running=Not interested in chatting at the moment


  1. ooohhh. Harsh. Love it. My friend calls these SFPs. Stupid F-ing People. Not enough natural selection happening in the world.

  2. I agree with your friend. I wonder if these people put that in a personal ad: SFP seeking other SFP to procreate...

  3. lol. that last comment was awesome! personal ads...

  4. I'm using that. SFP. Perfect!

  5. It's like when my phone rings and I answer it by shouting "WHAT!!!" People should just get the hint that I do not feel like talking!

  6. Haha you should go with fuckwits there are so many of them. I try to stick to funny ones but seriously, you could write a book about fuckwits and not just on Friday. Sadly, common sense is incredibly uncommon! @ Otin, see that's why I never call!

  7. Unlike Otin, I do not answer my phone when I don't want to son does that for me and then hands the damn thing to me, even tho' I'm saying "I don't want to talk, I don't want to talk!"

    Funny story Kate. I live in a resort area and we are always being asked directions to this place or that. As I'm now working for a tv station that is all about where to go, eat, shop, recreate, I tell them to tune in to Ch. 16!