Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Theme Thursday: Halloween

I'm so excited about this week's theme. My daughter wrote a Halloween poem for school which I love. (Of course I love it, in fact, I can't believe the Pulitzer committee hasn't called yet) I've been meaning to share it on the blog and here's the perfect opportunity.

So without further ado:

What You Don't Know About Halloween
By Clara

Witches come and witches go,
The pale white ghosts begin to glow.
The scared children begin to shake,
Goblins gather at every gate.

The monster's evil, the light is poor,
Vampires enter at every door.
Darkness looms within the air,
Not an hour it can spare.

Jack-o-lanterns begin to eye,
Everything wih no surprise.
Then dawn breaks and begins to pry,
Open the darkness, and blue comes alive.

And every ghost just fades away.
And every ghoul rests their play.
As a bright blue guard begins to build,
And all the children, no longer chilled.


  1. That is FANTASTIC! Congratulation her for us.
    What are you going as this year?

  2. wow. congrats to your daughter, very well done! love the transition into day...happy TT!

  3. It'll be the Nobel for sure.

  4. She's brilliant, of course! Runs in the family. Seriously, give her a big hug and a kiss for me.

  5. That was awesome!!! Really!!!!

  6. Wow! Methinks she got mommy's talent! Thanks for sharing that, and Happy TT!

  7. Hey, I'm very impressed! Well done!

  8. Really wonderful. It seems that she has talent. And it's good idea when children write such poems. They could be used then as a decoration on the front door and everybody who's going to enter can read them.

    Happy Halloween,

  9. What a great poem. Your daughter has some real talent.

  10. Excellent! What is she dressing up as this year?

  11. Well...that is QUITE GOOD! Enjoyed it!

  12. A wonderful poem...thanks for sharing it and I hope your daughter continues writing.

  13. That is a really great poem! She's quite talented, I must say.

    Perfect TT post.

  14. You are capturing the spirit with your daughter's poem. She captures it with her imagination. She is talented. How old is she?

  15. Clara did a wonderful job! Happy Halloween!

  16. "Chilled?" And "children" (pronounced "chilled-ren," of course)? What a delightful play on words!

  17. I can't wait to pass on these great comments to Clara - judiciously of course, I wouldn't want her to get a swelled head! For those who asked, she is 10 years old and will be a devil for Halloween. She's always a devil, I guess she likes red! Happy Halloween everyone!

  18. This is truly charming. Congratulations to your daughter on a poem that sums up halloween so perfectly.

  19. Very well done! you must be proud.