Monday, October 13, 2008

The Day Off Dilemma

My husband took the kids to his mom's in upstate New York this past weekend. He planned to canoe and camp in the Adirondacks with friends and as I had shows, he had Grandma watch our kids.

He is coming home today, Monday and I thought he'd be home by late afternoon because well, that's what he told me when he left. Apparently, that's not the case. When he called this afternoon around 4 pm, they had not reached New Jersey yet. He told me he was half-way home but please, with rush hour approaching?

So I scrapped plans for the dinner I was going to make. No big deal really, I'd rather not waste time on a meal that no one would appreciate. I'll make it another time. It's now late afternoon and I haven't completely wasted my one day off; I've cleaned the bathrooms, done a bit of yoga, and washed some clothes.

So what to do next? There's always more cleaning, or I could go for a walk or balance my checkbook, and yet there is a cold bottle of good chardonnay in the fridge and a lot of great movies to download from netflix.

Hmmmmm, what to do?

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