Monday, August 4, 2008

Date Night

My husband, Brian, and I went out last Friday night. It was my last weekend before going into rehearsals and we figured we needed to have a date before not seeing each other for a couple of months. We hemmed and hawed about what to do. On Thursday night, a friend from upstate New York was in town and we stayed up too late having beers and catching up. So we knew we didn't want to stay out too late, just long enough for the kids to go to bed.

We decided to keep it light and visited Chestnut Hill. The neighborhood is only ten minutes from where we live and yet we've never really explored it. It turned out to be an excellent choice. We wandered up and down Germantown Avenue, stopping in a few restaurants for drinks and appetizers. Big, fancy dinners do not work well for us; we prefer lighter dishes. Luckily, that is the new trend. Exploring an area this way also gives us a chance to check out different places. I think our favorite place on Friday was Roller's at Flying Fish. The roasted beet, grapefruit, endive salad is delicisoso!

We wandered into a few places that only accepted cash. Our bank was down that night so we'll have to try those another day. It used to piss me off that establishments would not take credit cards. Now, I think it's great. Many small places with funky decor and unique menus prefer to keep the money they earn rather then send it off to a large corporation. I'm for that! I've noticed far more of these "cash only" places in Philadelphia.

Back in upstate New York, date night usually meant dinner and a movie and don't get me wrong, I love the movies. But now, with all the choices that Philly has to offer, we've had some great date nights. I love taking the train into the city and meeting Brian after work to pop off to some new establishment for cocktails and appetizers. With all the different neighborhoods and events, it's not difficult to find things to do; one of our favorites was the Art Museum for Jazz after 5.

But another Date Night will have to wait until Candide closes. Brian, I'll see you in October!

How do you Date Night?

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